How To Pronounce "renoise"?

I’ve been wondering. Is it just Re Noise (in the way english dictates)
or, like in french, fonetic- Renuwaz.
What’s the right way? :lol:

I use “Re-Nose”.

This has been discussed a little bit in the past :)

Personally I just say it the standard way: ree-noiz

It seems like it was intended to be this way.



in czech language, we pronounce like this… “ry-nóóójs”

You should never, never pronounce this name!!!

its actually referred to as “you-know-what”.

i actually pronounce it as ‘re awesome work horse’

In sweden we prenounce like this:


:P Hope that helps…

I’ve started pronouncing it “The awesomeness that is vertical sequencing fetish”


“rinojz” (so ree-noise), if we do a direct translation to hungarian, it should be újrazaj. (re- = újra, noise = zaj)

In swedish it’s pronounced; "Re’nojs’. :blink: :P