How to reassign keys used to enter notes

Hello there,

I’m having trouble findng out how to do something very basic: remap keys so notes are played by different keys than the default.

For example, “Z” plays the note C. I want Z to play, say, C#. How would I do this in Renoise 3.1?

I would think that it would be under Edit > Preferences > Keys > (maybe) Pattern Editor? There’s nothing there jumping out at me. Is there some Accessability setting that I’m missing?



Sorry, but all of the note keys are hard-coded. It’s not possible to re-map them.

Edit: You can of course transpose an instrument by changing its global pitch, or by transposing individual samples, or by transposing the plugin when using VSTs, but I guess this is not what you had in mind?

HARD CODED! Incredible. Seems like it wouldn’t take much to recify.

In the tutorial:

… it’s even mentioned that Z may not be in the same position on different keyboards, so I just assumed that there was an easy way to compensate for these types of problems without invoking autohotkey or something.

Has anyone got a workaround? Maybe involving Autohotkey?

Z may not be in the same position on different keyboards

Quite correct. On a German layout, for example, the Y key is actually in that position. Either way, whatever key happens to be in that physical position will play a C note.

Those inputs are read at a low level (rather than through key bindings) for the precise reason that keyboard layouts may change from system to system. We need the piano-like key arrangement to remain consistent across systems, so those keys are hard-coded by design.

(Not completely ruling out the possibility of things changing in the future… just saying this is how it is for now.)

I have a hard wired standard Dvorak keyboard, so the piano layout is scattered all over the place. Renoise won’t work until the there’s a setting in it to tweak the keyboard properly.

?? I didn’t even know such a thing as a hard-wired dvorak keyboardexisted.

Hm, taktik would be the one to offer some insight into if this would be a major thing to support or not.

Here, I’ve gone a different route and invested in one of these - Das S Ultimate

Perfect keyboard IMHO - since it’s unlabelled it doesn’t care if it’s running dvorak, azerty or whatever. And it’s great for alienating your less nerdy (girl-)friends.

If you don’t use phrases anyway you could make a phrase with the desired note on each key, pain in the ass, but should work at least for some of the keys. :stuck_out_tongue: