How to recreate this main melody synth?

Hi, i want to recreate this main melody synth from the beginning of the song listed above, however i can’t seem to recreate it properly.
I try to recreate it using sawtooth wave that has 6 voice unison layers and low detune, automate the envelope to make it plucky and make another envelope to automate the analog filters to go from highs to the mid-highs, add some effects like distortion and multi-band compression to it, and then randomize the pitch to go randomly from 0.00 to 0.20 semitones, however it doesn’t sound like it’s close to the original sound at all. I really like the synth and would love to use it in my future compositions, anyone could help? I’m using Serum and Vital.

Aside from the actual synth sound,there is a ton of processing on it,lots of VHS style tape warble.There is also chorusing and delay on it,the delay sounds like it is being fed the midrange and above,with subtle automation on the eq.

If you dont have any lo-fi tape plugins i recommend this.

Geat chorus for vintage sound here

Also when the drums kick in it is sidechained. While this doesnt cover the actual synth sound those tools posted above will definitely push whatever sound you make further into that realm.

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There might be no unison at all in the sound, or maybe just 2x unison, slightly detuned. Sounds like a quite simple saw to me with a good filter onto it. Oh, I am not sure which sound you actually mean.

these arp’s that start in 0:04

The TAL Chorus is a free Juno inspired Chorus that gives a great vibe and Aberrant DSP Sketchcassette II is much cheaper at normal RRP than the Arturia Mello-Fi plug-in - just in case price is a concern. Hell, even Chow DSP Tape is good and it’s even cheaper - free. I suspect what VST tape processing used was used at least twice, once on the track and slapped onto the master as well.

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Nice Song thx for this!

TAPE emulator doofer

This doofer I made is a decent native tape emulator solution, too