How To Start Multiple Renoises On Mac??

I received a question about Mac OSX from a japanese user, but I’m a complete newbie about Mac, so please give me advice.

He want to do live performance with multiple Renoises like Hitori-Tori.

But basically, Mac seems not to be able to start the same application simultaneously at once, doesn’t it??
So I googled about how to start the same app multiply simultaneously on Mac, and I’ve found a method using command on terminal like;

open -n /Applications/  

And I suggested it to him, but it seems that he cannot success it yet.
Is this method something wrong?? Maybe is there any other method??

Please teach me about it as in detail as possible.

I have tried a different approach, where I simply took a copy of the whole Renoise application.
AFAIK this would make it possible to have different settings per instance (something Hitori seems to be making use of too)

And yes, you can start Renoise from the terminal, but I can’t confirm that it’s the right way you’re doing it.

Woooow, copy. B) Thanks for your reply.
I’ll tell it him.

Oh, just out of curious though, isn’t there a method to realize the same thing on Windows??
I mean, I can start multiple Renoises easily on Windows, but the setting is shared in all Renoise instances. So I cannot save each theme and midi setting on each Renoise instance.
Actually, is it impossible on Windows?

In Terminal, in one tab, run:


Open another tab and run the command again. Two instances of Renoise running at a time!

I don’t see how this would allow different preference settings since they both look to the same location in the Library folder.

If you can sandbox an app somehow you could do this.

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I’ll tell him this too. :)

When I googled about the copy method, I found the method to start multiple firefox on Mac and I suggested it to the questioner.
It tells that copy the app, then rename the app itself and the “name” param in the “Contents/MacOS/application.ini” file.
Maybe this method can have different preference settings…?? :huh:

Well, since then, since there is no reply from the questioner yet, I don’t know the actual result though…(I believe it would succeed) ;)

I think if you run a second instance as a different user, it will use that user’s preference file instead.

start first instance


open a new tab

login as seconduser

su seconduser

start second instance