How to Start/Trigger/Preview Phrases from the middle?

Edit: I was going to change the title now that this has been moved to the support/bugs forum, but I guess I can’t so this will have to do. In Redux, the “Play/stop phrase from cursor” mapping simply plays the current phrase starting from the beginning, regardless of the cursor location. It sounds like the bug has already been fixed in the latest version of Renoise, so I was just wondering when that fix will make its way to Redux.

Original Message:

Is there any way to audition a phrase in the phrase editor without having playback start at the beginning (e.g. have playback start at the current edit point instead)? I tried mapping a key to “Play/stop phrase from cursor”, but its behavior doesn’t seem to be any different than the regular “play/stop phrase.”

“Play/stop phrase from cursor”

Huh, you’re right - I would expected the same as you. I’m filing this under “bugs”.

But still, there is a workaround (sort of): if you are using a master keyboard with Redux - highly recommended anyway for auditioning the phrase while editing it - you can set the phrase keytracking to “offset”.


This will allow the phrase to be played from various positions, depending on the note you send it.

Okay, thanks…I’ll give that method a go. Should I post the issue in the bugs forum, or have you already done a formal bug report for it? I still think play from cursor would be my preferred way of doing things, so it would be cool to see it working in the next update.

I think the same bug exists in the new renoise beta too, I reported it and seems that it is fixed -


Just wondering if anybody has an ETA on when the fix of this issue in Renoise will be propagated to Redux. Thanks!

So, uhh…anybody know when Redux is going to get a bug fix release? It’s been over a year.