How To Use Kirnu In Renoise?

Dear community,

I’ve recently downloaded the Kirnu Arpeggiator. I spend about half an hour attempting to get it working but whatever I did was wrong :(
I tried to set Kirnu’s input as my MIDI keyboard as well as the isntrument’s input, Kirnu is correctly showing notes played, as well as I hear the instrument playing, but nothing in Kirnu is affecting the sound in any way :(
There’s no tutorial for setup in Renoise, just Ableton, Logic, Studio One and sequencers like that… I guess there has to be be some routing or output stuff and I tried everything I know, but there might be some hidden trick? (I just never had to deal with these before)

I’d appreciate any help…

I’ve asked this question before… Here is this: Hi.. I Need Instructions On Midi- Vsti To Vsti

Vv’s arp