Hows About a Renoise 2.9 for Everyone Who Prefers the Old Interface

What exactly do you mean with minimum here? It seems to run just fine on a 1024x600 resolution. I am confused…

I mean that 994x704 is the minimum size where we can fit the entire GUI on screen.

On netbooks and other similar displays that do not have quite enough vertical space, then either the upper or lower sections will be hidden/minimized by default. This is just a special case to make Renoise usable at all on such displays, and is not the typical scenario most people will encounter.

The new gui is awesome, i learn my friends now to make music.
The old gui was cumbersome to me, als i came from Logic and reason.

Above are a lot of cry baby’s who doesnt want to learn a new workflow. Get the f** off.

Ah, now I understand. But hiding the upper section is now no problem anymore, since the browser is on the side. I like that change.

no wasted space, your monitor is small that all. p4 processors are slow, 14inch monitors atr useless today. it is simple update your workflow.

me too… see this Sample/Plugin/Midi-window: Best of both worlds :-) :rolleyes:

I dunno, new gui is great for my workflow, in most regards better than old one. But it needs some time to adopt, specially if you have user renoise for a long time. For me, it’s seamless… like before

definitely not.


Fuckin NOOB

i think that is the key problem told in one sentence!
(and i have two big monitors with together 2560x1024, but they help nothing against those new concept of covering the trackeditor, the idea behind that big covering insturment editor is just bad.).

the solution would be a additionally old sample instrument window in lower panel with the key functions
and the envelope mini editor would solve that problem. they also could very good live together with the full screen instrument/sample editor.

eidt: oh, i wasnt the first one: Sample/Plugin/Midi-window: Best of both worlds :-)

3.0 design vs 2.8 design:

loading samples for testing in instruments: take longer because of mousekilometers…
adjusting sample properties like volume: take much longer / needs more clicks and have screenchanges
creating a hullcurve for sample: now very frickly and needs more clicks and have screenchanges

for me, which i life by making music, its just live time which i lost. totally unneeded clicks and sreenchanges and focus changes for just one value (smpl volume) -.-

woever above say its now faster to work, is total unbelievable in my eyes, sorry.
also the VST instrument window now noticably hang by activating on my sys.

It is the reason why the instrument editor is made dettachable so you can drag it out of the way. Perhaps the scopes and control panel should also be made dettachable.
Point is:more features will get into Renoise in the future and just face it:you eventually cannot cram everything into the same 996x768 frame without having to click multiple times to change stuff (or using the visual function key presets to quickly change the layout).
Every change comes with pain for those who know the old situation. But there are many changes in life that cannot pass without going through some pain to evolve.
People are supplying enough reasonable suggestions that allow having certain stuff on the same screen. Customisable desktop environment appeals much to me here, but is imho something for 3.1 or even 3.2 i guess since there are also enough users that don’t give a damn about the UI changes but simply want audio tracks, better routing etc.

Careful with customizeable interfaces, that’s what GUI designers are for. I don’t want to deal with that shit, I hate having overlapping windows, detachable missing toolbars, and panels that resize and stretch into ridiculous unusable shapes. “Setting it up just the way you like it” isn’t a solution, it’s a lack of design principles.

All the other DAWs do that cascading windows garbage, Renoise should be solid and consistent.

YEs , tha’s why every horizontal/vertical pixel has to be used to it’s fullest extent , collapsed editors can be much smaller then they are now …
Fill up the empty spaces with whatever button or indicator , but don’t leave it empty …

i don’t know how you guys work with Renoise but what convinced me about the new GUI is that in my opinion it encourages you to work/think in views even more than the 2.x version did. so every action in your workflow has its dedicated screen configuration, instead of having everything on the screen at the same time. it is actually better for small screens and you know exactly where to find certain things without the risk of filling up the screen with too much information.
this reminds me a lot of how ImpulseTracker works. you have one screen that shows an overview for when the song is playing, a song editor screen, a pattern editor screen, a sample editor screen, file screen, etc.

sure, you will be pressing the F1-F8 keys a lot but i actually find the clear separation and grouping of the information better, at least in theory. it also gives the devs the opportunity to expand the separate views (contents of the tabs) in later versions, rather than trying to cram everything into one window by making awkward GUI constructions that don’t make so much sense in the long run.

i agree that the new GUI needs some fixing but i’m willing to give this thing with the views a chance.

multiple (virtual) desktops help. i mean i had to load up a few copies of renosie and switch desktops to get the same functionality as phrases. thank you so much for this, i hate 1 pattern at a time thinking.

as long as everything has keyboard shortcuts it’s true to the tracker roots. I mean we have screen sets. but keyboard navigation has gone way down. all those tabs and only the mouse to switch them. every button on my keyboard should do something. :) and no we shouldn’t have to map it just to get up and running, that’s reaper territory and it blows. And if you’re going to make us use the mouse this much you need to give us right click everywhere. :P i mean it’s inconstant can i or can’t i right click behavior that slows things down, i think.

i do think the GUI could be improved on small screens. I mean huge fonts only work in the pattern. track headers could mostly be handled by one box, etc?

there’s nothing stoping you from running 2.8 and 3 at the same time. if you want renoise 3 inside renoise 2 buy the pluggin?

i like the update. :)

i love the old interface but the new is much clean and usable and logical.
i dont want to use the old again,

this topic if for bulls, use 2.8 if u prefer, thats it u dont need to use new version, if you dont want to 15 min of learning.
but still dont understand peoples who dont go forward, the old UI is unmuvable and to small spaces, the new is better as i espect…

indeed this is what helped me a lot into accustoming to the new interface:

I have created my set of views and stored them in the 8 view presets available at the top right corner of the GUI, and I can easily switch from a pattern editing context to an instrument editing context (I rarely use the mixer and never use pattern matrix); if I need both contexts, I just detach the instrument editor.

I also have view setups more focused on automation and DSP editing.

you can recall these 8 view setups using F1…F8 and this makes the views available with just one key press

Hi to everybody who has replied. I think i need to expand on the scope of my original suggestion, and explain further exactly what i was thinking by it.

Firstly, this is NOT intended as a request for a regression of Renoise 3’s UI, to have it put back to the way Renoise 2.x looked. I’m not making any suggestion for an alteration to Renoise 3 in any way. That has to be made clear. It’s not a step backwards. It’s intended to be a helping hand from those that have stepped forward (the devs) to allow those who have been left behind (us who prefer the 2.x style) to enjoy some of the feature updates we so long expected, whilst all the merry version 3 gang go wandering off into the gleaming unknown future. Somebody made the perfect simile to this in the R3 beta thread, about a grandfather who has an old cellphone he is comfortable using but finds it lacks certain features that could make it a better experience for him to use, and when he is given a shiny new phone supposedly to remedy his situation the same features he needed are still not there, and what’s more the new interface makes it harder for him to work with. To continue in the same vein: I want the old style phone to get a firmware update so that all us stick-in-the-muds can finally have the features we needed without the clutter of the new interface. I am proposing that Renoise 2 be updated.

My proposal is quite basic: i am suggesting that the devs show good-will by filling in the blank and extending Renoise 2 up to 2.9 by implementing some of the new features inside the old interface.

I feel in some way that the missing point update (2.9), before we got to version 3, would have been the way to ease users into the new style of Renoise and make everybody, or at least most people, happy with the progression of this software.

The fact is, we waited some 2 years for any significant improvement to Renoise, and seem to have skipped a beat somewhere, ending up with a product that appears to be as unsatisfactory to a large swath of the user-base as it proves satisfying to the rest.

I guess i’m just not as overwhelmed as others by the fact something is new when i can see all the problems that ally with that facet. I’m just one of those people who keeps using their old phone, hoping someone cares enough to help make that work for them… Probably a stupid position to hold in this time of disposable living and inbuilt obsolescence and all that crap.