I Quit Facebook.

You could be next.

Meh. Drama drama is drama.

Well, before leaving I changed my password to a random string I wouldn’t remember to make sure I couldn’t log in.

It was fun while it lasted, but it’s not for me anymore. Too much of a time hog, too many interface changes, and too much crap I don’t actually care about since I first joined 4 years ago. Time to move on.

I never joined Facebook… I don’t have a twitter account either…
I don’t feel any urge to tell the world that drastically that i am taking a shit at the moment i’m doing it.

I quit smoking weed. It was fun while it lasted, but too much of a time hog.

I quit Fakebook too…

…a couple of weeks ago and I don’t miss it at all! In fact, I feel better now when I actually have to, when needed, get a hold of a person in real life instead of through the 'net. So much more rewarding talking to someone instead of impersonal writing.

I don’t need to quit FB. I log on once or twice every day, but I only ever stay logged in for twenty seconds, That’s as long as it takes me to see if there’s been anything remotely interesting happening since the last time, and it almost never has. So, forty seconds per day - I can live with that.

(I could of course quit Facebook because it is pointless and boring, and maybe I will)

I quote Sam. I basically use it to know about events in my neighborhood, since people seem to have forgotten how to use mailing lists: now every concert/whatever is announced via Facebook

Same here. And I quote BYTE-Smasher. Dramatic drama is dramatic. I quit Twitter. I bet you didn’t even know. It’s because it’s not interesting, nobody cares and I’m not making a fuzz about it. But carry on!

If I were to really quit, then I’ll just not log in and only use it as an address book.

I would love to quit. but then where would i groom my bitches 4 offline meetz&greetz?

I only joined Facebook so I could look at friend’s photos when everybody started using it and posting them on there. Now I’m an addict :-/

I quit too, sometime last year, as did my girlfriend. We haven’t regretted it since. I’d been a member since the 4-year college requirement (circa 2004-2005), yet FB had been barely more than mental clutter for either of us.

Wrong. You can’t delete a Facebook account, only “deactivate” it, which is about as good as signing out. Before deactivating, I deleted all my friend connections and photos, and changed my name and personal info… not like it does any good. FB doesn’t let you control your data.

Funny that we call it “quitting” Facebook. It doesn’t take so much effort to leave any other site that we call it “quitting”. People talk about it like it’s fucking nicotine.

I’m with Sam and It-Alien, I use facebook almost everyday but for like 2 minutes just to see what’s new with people and events close to home and that’s it. It literally only takes a minute or two. Honestly, I probably spend more time on these forums than facebook.


don’t know if an english version exist… for those who understand french :)

How did we all do it pre-Facebook?

We still have phones, cell-phones, e-mails, chat, snailmail, doorbells, postboards. It’s not impossible. :ph34r:

The only reason I joined was because I wanted to keep contact with a girl I met on holiday ( read sexy time =) , now that she has another boyfriend and on the other side of the globe , I think it’s time to delete my acount .
Yep I’m selfish :rolleyes:

There’s two options (now?). Deactivate and Quit. The first is what you describe, the second deletes everything but requires 14+ days of inactivity.

fuck zuckerberg.

drama is drama indeed, and drama is perfectly fine.

however, I’m not really using facebook… I found a few people which I losely know from my youth and where none of us would otherwise muster the energy to keep in “touch”. I use it to spam I guess (twitter → facebook & myspace status haha), and to comment on random stuff sometimes. but anything I post on facebook I post all over the place anyway, so I just don’t feel like I have anything to gain by deleting it at this junction, you know?

I wouldn’t be surprised if it keeps a full history of anything ever entered into it by the way. just a thought.

you’re not selfish, you’re using it correctly :lol:

Yeah, I’m pretty sure “delete” is a soft term here, considering where the venture capital for the site comes from…