I Want My Old Pattern Editor Back!

Now I don’t know - as a former PC user and now using the new version of Renoise on MAC - if the following is a MAC and/or New-Renoise-version-related-issue; but I really, really miss the old functions of some buttons and actions in the pattern editor. I think it was more similiar to FT2 as well.

If you don’t remember how it was I’ll try to explain in the best way I can, although it could be difficult for you to understand how I mean:

  1. BACKSPACE = Should pull/haul UP notes&fx’s below and in the current location.
  2. INSERT* = Should pinch/press DOWN notes&fx’s below and in the current location.
  3. SPACE = REC mode ON, and if the song is playing it should Stop song & REC mode ON.
  4. When I click somewhere in the pattern I DON’T want the current location to move towards it. Perhaps the double-click-function could stay though, could be handy some times.
  5. This is hard to explain, but… When I select an area with the LEFT mouse key and then wants to select a new area within the first-selected, I DON’T want it to move the first-selected-area - I just want to select a new area (I want this in the Pattern Matrix as well). Perhaps it could move if I push the COMMAND key at the same, because this is a more rare action for me.

Finally, I wonder why on earth all these intuitive - yet basic (it works like this even in standard text editors) - commands were replaced/removed? I don’t understand the new functions of these…

Perhaps there are some more stuff which are changed, but let’s start with this. :P

  • The INSERT-button doesn’t seem to exist at all on my MAC-keyboard. Instead the button (above DELETE) is named “fn”, and doesn’t seem to be available to assign in preferences/keys at all. :(

I think you mean this?

here on my pc INSERT does exactly this; anyway it can be configured via Edit => Preferences => Keys => Pattern Editor => Insert/Delete => Insert New Row

Edit => Preferences => Plugs/Misc => Misc => Space record/stop mode => FT2 (although pressing SPACE while the song is playing does not switch record on, but actually I remember neither Ft2 does

Edit => Preferences => GUI => uncheck “Single click navigation”

about 5: I didn’t really get what you mean, sorry

could you please provide some examples of what you are talking about?

Plus see my recent post about this only affecting the Pattern Editor when it should really also affect the Matrix and the Sequence Editor as well.

I just wondered why the above mentioned buttons’ functions was changed at all. The new funcions just doesn’t make sense, to me. :)

Thanks for in depth answers, btw!


Link to the post…?

I agree ofc btw.

I don’t want to be a jerk but FastTracker is dead and OSX is not your PC. :)

I had these exact same problems, first when I migrated to Renoise in 2003, then to Renoise on OSX in 2005.

There’s no point in holding on to old deprecated options. You have a new system, so learn a new workflow. Change is good.

Yes, this is a problem. Just assign a new shortcut. I like ctrl+delete myself.

This is not a Bring FT2 Back-thread, I just thought old FT2 users would be those who could help me the best.
Well, if we start changing things just because “change is good” is the day we start becoming jerks. :P
Really, what’s the point of changes if they aren’t improvments? “Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken”.
I actually asked why all these stuff was changed at all.

Edit: Guess it’s important to point out that there are actually other changes in the newer versions which are good, I just pointed out those changes that I found a “step back”.

There are of course workarounds. That, and reassigning keys in the system itself I guess.

It depends for whom they are not improvements. The behavior is slightly different to what it used to be, yes.

Backspace now does the same as ctrl+shift+del for columns, the reason behind this most likely is to make actions being consistent and not behave differently. It may not be subtantially better but ain’t worse either, one thing is clear, there will be no longer confusions on how erasing notes or column content will behave. Inconsistent behavior of the same actions are problems that need a fix IMHO.

You can remap to match the old behavior as this is part of the shortcut changing policy for those who really can’t live with the new standard.
I think that is also a fair solution.