I Want To Be Venetian Snares

I want to be Venetian Snares. How do I be him?



Kill him, eat his brain.

Move to Venice and buy a rather limited drumkit…?

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lol. I must be honest: I think VSnares is great but I prefer foo?'s music - Breakcore is not my kinda stuff.

I wanna be Armin van Buuren.

haha, I always wondered what his name meant! especially before I heard him, and only heard people talking about him, I just thought he was a limited rock band.

I wanna be amon tobin.

I wanna be the king of the world ;)

LOL - starting to love thiz thread

i want to be alicia silverstone.
i would touch myself all day long.

i would touch you too and grab your ass, if you dont mind

Well, I’ve been trying REALLY hard for the last 12 hours and it doesn’t seem like I’m turning into Venetian Snares. :(

What am I doing wrong?

you have to believe first.
then hack his matrix input point by gaining the same body mass, and bloodtype.
the sentinals also search for smells, so keep farting a lot like vsnares does.
now you can safely be him.

I want to be Foo? but only after he’s Venetian Snares.

Well, you have the long hair already. Just dye it blond and makes tracks portraying how much you hate Winnipeg, take acid, act like a jerk and you might be in the lead…

When i started to hear electronic music i wanted to be like Carl Crack (from Atari Teenage Riot)

Then i evolved to things like Disciples of Annihilation and wanted to be like (Nicky Fingers)

Strangelly there’s a pattern here, they both played hardcore and they both passed away…

…so i’m fine if one day i wake up being Justin Timberlake or something… :D

foo? when you have turned into snares could you make a renoise advanced tutorial video ? :P

(yes, this a desperate attempt to ask for more renoise video’s…!!! )

I heard that Venetian Snares is actually a collaboration between Aphex Twin, various people involved with NIN, Bjork, most people involved in Ipecac records, Ozzy Ozbourne, Wierd Al Yankovic, John Cage, Johnny Cage, BT, Kaneel, Oprah, Ru Paul, Conan, Tom Jones, Johnny Depp, Dita Von Teese, The guy from songstowearpantsto.com, Janis Joplin, The entire original cast of Phantom of the Opera, Buddha, and Animal from the muppets. Apparently each song gets passed to everyone involved so they can input their speshal brand of “WTF”.

I heard this whole board is an advanced experiment in AI and I am the only real human here.

If we’re talking about the Clueless era, then I agree 100% :D :dribble:

A friend of mine in California who was a friend of a friend of hers, would constantly tease me with stories of how’d he see and talk to her at various house parties and other private little gatherings, since they knew many of the same people.

Ahh, that’s going back quite a few years though. I never managed to visit him though… damn! :P


I heard that the self-consciousness as an human is part of all the articial intelligences which are on this forum. Of course, I am the only human being here.

And in Windowlicker, those faces aren’t Richard D James… they’re Bjork without makeup (it’s a scary sight)