I went from Linux to Windows and workflow gets better

So I finally decided to use Renoise with Windows 10. :thinking:
The main reason is the vst plugins what I have. They’re mostly made for win or mac but not linux and I need good workflow so.

I personally like linux more than windows ever since.
In 1997 was the year when I first using computers and os at the time was Windows 95. :wink:
I’ve started to use linux in 2002 and I’m still using linux ubuntu studio sometimes.

I wish there would be more commercial plugins available also for linux in future.
Same thing is for DAW’s. I know there is few good daw’s also made for linux but not that much actually and I have tried Tracktion’s T7, Reaper, LMMS and Ardour but I did not like them that much. Maybe Reaper was better than others but still Renoise is the best!

I want to say thanks for Renoise people for their linux version. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:

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Ive been using renoise on linux for like 6 years or so.
And 95% of the vst’s do work with Linvst. Those i didnt got to work where rather exotic plugins anyway. So im a happy renoise user on linux for quite some time already :slight_smile:


there is Bitwig also - which you didn’t mention

why do you like linux more? because its philosophy? or?

i’ll keep it short - if you want to focus only to music - and you are unwilling to learn new stuff os-related, stick with windows (or get mac for seamless interaction)

i’d use linux all the way - arch to be specific… Ubuntu is (for my personal taste) ‘too bad’ lately… too much bloated… but that’s another topic

For mixing i have Mixbus32C which is Ardour derrivative, which also has its own suite of plugins which - for my needs are enough to mix with.
There is also bitwig with its amazing stuff…

but i do use renoise mostly, sometimes i’d add some airwindows plugins which are also available for linux - and are free…
i think this is more than enough to create good music - and just look at people who were creating awesome stuff with ft2/pt2 and other trackers!



I’d choose Linux over Windows any day of the week. I work on OS X, personally, because I’m doing more than audio (visuals as well). I like the way it works, suitable for me.


If I had to pick an OS for customization, speed, the least resource-hungry, I’d choose Linux every time. I use Renoise and Reaper pretty exclusively, so if I do ever make a switch, I’d be good in a Linux, OS X, or Windows environment.

What stops me is the visual software I use, and all the other programs I’ve purchased that work very well for me. And I prefer the OS X environment. Environment-critique is a waste of valuable production time. Get back to work. :grinning:

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cannot agree more…

exatly, that’s why i got macOS for work, because we use teams (which just chokes cpu on linux), 1password is not available for example for linux except chrome extension and cli app… there is also difference in how fast you can do your job instead mangling with linux in any way possible… I simply love Linux much, but if you ask me, i’d never get things done, and most likely i’d be distracted and i’d end up writing kernel myself… lol
since blender and davinci resolve are also on linux - i’d expect some jack sync - to make renoise integrate with video somehow… this would be a dream! :slight_smile:

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Yes I did not mention Bitwig, I forgot. I think Bitwig is maybe good also.

depends on your expectation and goal…

if you mostly do recordings - ardour/mixbus is the tool
if you mostly program stuff without midi instruments and want full arrangement control - renoise is the tool
if you mostly jam with midi, and want full control over modulation and/or fx processing - choose bitwig
my 2 cents

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many different reason…you know. :wink:

‘workflow’ differs from person to person, so if you want exact help, you need to tell us exact what is your workflow… otherwise we cannot help you determine something that we are not aware of.
my workflow is to modulate LPB in renoise, and use qwerty to do 90% of stuff including arrangement, slicing samples, which i cannot do fully in bitwig, nor mixbus, so i use renoise, simple as that.
for example - i cannot create slight groove modifications in mixbus or bitwig without investing too much time… in renoise that’s a breeze

by the way U-HE has great collection of plugins for linux as well :+1:

but somehow same plugins has more features with win version? :thinking:
u-he plugins

Well…there’s always something missing, bugs etc. That’s why I change for windows. :desktop_computer:
and many plugins just won’t work perfectly as I have experienced. :neutral_face:

well, you could start another way:

  1. which plugins do you need? what is their category? multiband compressor? find alternative? is ok enough for you? yes? no?
  2. Do you really need all of those plugins? if yes, stick to the Os - where you are comfortable (everything is working already without re-inventing the wheel)

i know that 99.9% plugins are for windows and mac, and that doesn’t stop me from using linux, because i personally really do not see benefit with collecting all of those, and that’s why i’ve invested in commercial software mostly by crossplatform support… mixbus,bitwig,renoise…

I was thinking like that before but it depends what you are doing, what tools you need and what software you are using. That’s why I choose windows now! :thinking: :wink: :+1:


yes, that’s why i’ve asked you to describe your workflow because you didn’t mention anything specific in particular so you could compare actually… smalltalk no facts…

linux here. I just prefer it. Custom workflows for everything.

I don’t need help. I know what I’m doing but thanks anyway! :slightly_smiling_face:

it was the only reasonable evolutionary choice
C64 > Amiga500 > Amiga1200 > experimenting with linux MC68k > AmigaPPC > PC with Linux.
I’m using Win / Offline / only for my work. Solidworks still not for linux :slight_smile:

PS: I always pissed against the wind.

Well…workflow it’s something that it’s personal and it’s depends on the person who is doing whatever, music, video, cartoons, 3D or anything. If you want facts (linux people always get mad) I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings but I just want to share my opinion and that’s it. Windows it’s better for my kind of music production and my workflow is hugely better with windows than linux. :+1:

Good for you :wink:
I still prefer Windows now :wink: