I went from Linux to Windows and workflow gets better

Good for you :wink:

So what was the point of this thread again? Ah, change of topic title. Love Linux, but prefer Windows. Okay, dual boot?


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See…why you asked what is the point of this? It’s just my opinion and that’s it! Why people (linux people) always get hurt??? :thinking: Yes and I change topic because it seems that linux people get mad all the time when comparing windows and linux. :thinking:

I’m not hurt/mad, you can use Windows if you want. You can use Apple MacOSX if you want. You can use Linux if you want. It’s no problem.
Can be played on all 3 main operating systems: (and the workflow is the same on all 3 in this case)

Awesome!! Thank you so much!! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Environment-discussion is a waste of valuable production time. Get back to work. :grinning:


:smiley: Yes Boss!! :zipper_mouth_face:

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because the topic name was rather question (before edit) than opinion expression. That was the cause of confusion

yeah…my mistake…sorry about that! Have a nice weekend!! :wink: :+1:

Im curious about details, i know that uhbik 2.0 is for now windows only but linux work is in progress.

I have no time to tinker anymore, but what about a KVM-QEMU Win10 virtual machine with soundcard passthrough? Does anyne use that?

I’d love to run my DAW in a VM and to be able to do snapshots, so I never have to do plugin reinstalls.