I would like to hear your music made with only Renoise without any plugins

I like it but it feels like 2 tracks in one.Maybe cut it in half and develop the 2 ideas further on their own

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Hey, thanks for listening and sending feedback, and… you’re right = )
these did start off as two different pieces but tried to weave them together.


Your mid side processing looks interesting and I’ll have to check out how it works. Nice detailed drum programming. Great mix!

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Hi @lilith thanks so much for listening, and I value your feedback! = )

Been experimenting with mid side processing, it can be fun to tame
or boost the sides using the track controls; sometimes though it seems
more effective to stick with standard LCR panning when you really want
to move the sound around but it’s something im still learning about.


took me a while to figure out how it works and I think I still didn’t get it.

In the splitting track you send the sum signal to the side and keep the source.
Then you make the sum mono and send the mono signal to the mid track.

So now the sum of side and mid would have twice the mono signal and once the side signal, so we have to delete the mono signal from the side track.

Therefore we have to invert the mono signal and send it to the side channel which makes the mono signal on the side channel cancel out, right?

Finally we have the pure mono signal on the mid track and the pure side signal on the side track.

Yes, that is pretty much exactly how the routing operates and it is a nice way to tame the sides en-masse,
or otherwise affect any of individual bands in post production manner.

The mixing board is a stripped down version of tmaster.xrns,
there is a thread here: [Template] tmaster.xrns - Ted's Mastering Template
that details the operation.

I was trying to figure out how to isolate, in-post a particular point in the stereo field
(say left 25-45 for example) but so far, havent figured that out using the mixer.

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mid side is also great on a per-instrument basis for making sure the mono signal is strong/present in the LCR mixdown and that the sides aren’t phase cancelling when summed to mono, which can wreck a mono mix on big mono club/festival systems. It’s also fun for unusual signal processing

here’s how to do it if anyone wants to know :slight_smile:
Native Mid / Side Processing


Work in progress:

Kick is maybe still too boomy.

I’m open for title suggestions :slight_smile:


Not finished. Thanks :slight_smile: What do you mean with the last sentence?

Is it too harsh or do you like the cymbals?

Here is a title -Sounds like November -but you must finish it before November ends for the title to stick :smile: .

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Perfect. Thanks :heart_eyes:

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No plugins, like VST e.t.c.? No problem. Look like all of you forgot about FT2. There was no plugins at all. You can find on YouTube and listen the music what was created on FT2. Not bad at all. With or with no samples…
So what the different?

Then just start create sounds from zero?

I like this:

No shade, no shine,
no butterflies, no bees ,
No fruits, no flowers,
no leaves, no birds !
— No_vember !

And how it’s refers to Renoise?

They are enemies. They don’t like Renoise! They support piano roll!!! K**l them!!!

I am no sure but isn’t Piano Roll give you a length of note? Or I am wrong?

Made for a compo long time ago;

Get the songfile here;


Yes. But how soon Renoise reach a limitation of possibilities and for add a new stuffs turn into a hybrid?