I would like to hear your music made with only Renoise without any plugins

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why on earth is @uncle_c’s post flagged?

this is some silly drama. let’s stay on topic and post music made with renoise without plugins :slight_smile:


This lazy bastard, “stoiximan” was picks his nose and eats snot. When he finish, he got bored and started harassing me and T-ger for nothing. Something, like, one person with two accounts.
Question - what I suppose to do when someone response to my post in one minute??? Wait for n-hours and answer?
Instead of reprimanding us, they could create a chat - room, where everyone can talk about Renoise in any direction and not create another topic.
But no, look like it’s to hard for them!

^this is poor form, and not the proper spirit, imo. ad hominem attacks weaken your position, not strengthen it

I think there is an irc channel, there’s also a discord for renoise

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Are you 7 years old? Who in this day and age accuses anyone of eating snot? Hahaha.


First of all you exposed yourself.I made a reply to your T-ger username and you instantly answered from your Normundsnx7 account stupid,you have so many tabs open in your pc logged in from different accounts you lost track.You are like an octopus but not as smart as one.

After that T-ger replies the following

But wait you explained it perfectly .

So let me get this straight.T-ger writes a reply hits the publish button, then the renoise forum sends a notification to your email Normunds,you see the email open it, read it then you come to the forum you write a reply hit the publish button and what do you know all that in less than 20 seconds probably less than that.A guinness award for the gentleman please.

So, as much I understand, you decide that my and T-ger account is same person???
Would you be so nice and tell me in public, what you answer me, when I was ask you about check my IP???
You, like a kindergarten kid suddenly changed the subject and asked me to send you a some music created by me on Renoise, then you will answer me about IP.

Latter you delete your post in private message.

Something wrong with you.

Can you please stop littering this forum completely with not so well-thought nonsense? There are plenty of other places where you can live out this urge, e.g. Facebook, youtube comments, news comments, kvr etc.

It’s not my fault.

ups! I answer to fast. Sorry.

This young thread is already messed up. :point_up:
111 comments in total, only 5 comments contain music, and 2 of 5 are made by me.
More music, less talking! Those who talk the most should contribute some music now and then, too. Thanks!


With gratitude for all criticism


whoa, weird and interesting. is this like, hyperpop? I’m ingnorant, lol. I’d like the snare to hit harder with more crunch and there’s something missing in the arpeggio voice - I think maybe the sound design is too simple for my taste… I wonder if a little fold distortion and/or compression before the delay might bring that element more to life? How did you do all the vocal pitch processing?
Some distortion or more compression on the 808, and more compression on the whole mix to glue it together more might be nice, too

nice work, this is pretty different from what we usually hear around here. :+1: thanks for sharing!

ok, I took the liberty of making some changes. I’d be curious how this sounds to your ears. I’d upload the xrns, but my internet sucks and can’t handle big data transfers

Hey, thanks!

I think I’d call it cloud-rap? There’s probably a better genre-name. It’s funny, I had no interest in making beats like that for a long time, though I enjoy it as a listener, and then I realized that I couldn’t if I wanted to, so I spent some time working on it. I don’t really do vocals either, but I keep making things that need them so I tried my hand. Basically, I just recorded all of the vocals “blind” (no backing track), threw Gsnap on it (and other renoise fx) and played around with Uxx and Dxx commands until I liked it, then printed.

I think your sound is probably more “appropriate” to the genre these days, but I was going for something clean and spacious (wouldn’t say I achieved it – smashing it probably is the right move at this point?). I could tell that several things were not ideal (including vocals, which were not sung or recorded well, which makes a challenging start for mixing, I think), and I feel there’s like a layer or 2 of something missing, not necessarily an instrument. I need to break from it for a bit, that’s for sure lol

These are kind of my personal gold standard for the genre – you’re right about the simplicity of sound design, I think of it as allowing you to move things around more (I actually think of psytrance and a lot of other modern electronic stuff the same, cuz what is psytrance that couldn’t be reduced down to a ton of complex-modded LFO’s, which can then be routed all over the place for space/etc…or maybe I’m wrong, but I was probably going to try my hand at some trance next lol