I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws

I meant posting tracks like in this thread, but only tracks allowed where sound generation comes from Renoise.
All kinds of music. Maybe makes no sense to have two threads …

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the kick / tempo matching is rockin

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dude, yeah. start it!

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Made a couple days ago using Renoise

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My latest. A one track album, close to one hour, touching a few genres along the way. Everything done in Renoise, with help from Ted’s mastering template. Not sure if I’ll ever make a track this long again :slight_smile:


The constant anticipation payed off at the end and left me with a pleasant feeling .Really hard to accomplish with a 55 minute track but you managed to pull it off

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Nice album, bought it; thanks for making it! = )


Reminds me of Susumu Yokota especially 1994 album “Zen” with the polyrhythmic perpetuum mobile textures. Great work!

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Very glad to hear that :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! :heart:

Wow, I’m honoured. 1994 sure was a fantastic year :smiley:

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Hi guys, I have another dark electronic track out

Listen on Youtube or Spotify and tell me what you think :alien:

cover v4m1 2560x2560


ca. 100 .XM-Files by me…



Great collection, and most will fit on a 3.5 inch floppy = )
Totally looking foward to listening and learning!

Dig the first track (!drop da beat in.xm), nice piano, good energy, and
(2 Parsecz 2 Reality) is awesome, cool scratching, love a good march cadence!

Respect the (*****) Ultimate Sex Track remix.

Thanks @Marc_Shake

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This song you waited for:


Good one, and right now i am listening through my crappy cell phone speakers and I wonder how it will sound tomorrow on my desktop audio system.To be continued…,…

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here’s my new short thing for reels/tiktok as usual
I recently bought this tascam porta 07 4-track cassette tape recorder and I’m having so much fun with it. It’s so refreshing being able to focus on the music and performance without having distractions from a computer/daw (still love renoise tho hehe)
the two guitar lines were recorded into an old and worn out type ii cassette I bought in my city in a vinyl store. i think that workflow is pretty cool and exciting
edit: forgot to mention that the backing track was made in Renoise lol


There is nothing better than getting away from the computer and performing like this going with the flow non stop.I like this approach but to bad for me i can’t play an instrument but i try to simulate the process using midi controllers doing stuff on the fly and many of the tracks i made are products of jamming and to me sounds better more organic with a human feel.Nice playing and you should post longer tracks for us to enjoy

First thing I’ve finished in a while. Started with a nice rhythm sequence from the microfreak, recorded in Renoise, then built a drum & bass track on top.


@Coddy Sweet bossa! Very short but it’s for Tiktok then.
I understand about what you are meaning with Stoiximan, making music on a computer is not a very natural way sometimes, it’s good to refresh with some thing more simple time to times.
Personnaly I’m playing some intuitive accoustic instruments sometime, and even more recently.

@highway_rehab This glitchy rhythm is very groovy, I like all variations that make the track catchy all long.


Then, here is a short try for a new project… to be continued soon.
It’s very short but I’m already happy with this, so I share ^^

Full Renoise and VSTs, except the few flute notes blowed by me.