I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws

A glitch track I made a few months ago with mostly sample processing on Ableton Live + Bitwig. Most samples were taken of Death Grips’ “Niggas on the moon” and processed with grain delay (with tons of modulations) and Glitchmachines’ Quadrant VST.

I was kinda obsessed with The Colour Out of Space tale by Lovecraft and near-death experiences, so I tried to tell a story with the track. Is it an alien abduction? Or just a near-death experience? Heck, I don’t know. Take your own guesses hahahah.

Btw, I haven’t mastered it, so the EQing is kinda crap. Might try the new mastering function provided by SC (the track by @TheBellows made me wanna try it).

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Man this is fire and agree the vocals are superb

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I liked how you slowly built this track but kept it interesting.Keep them coming

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This is Renoised


That’s some damn good music friend.Good mixing too,sounds great in my phone but I will hear it later at my good speakers at home and I think it will sound even better there


If i could ask a question, what year did y’all start making music and what did you guys use and why did you want to get into the hobby at the time, or now? I’m Core Gen Z, meaning i was born in 2005 and i just want to get some different perspectives and look at some different experiences from different times.

That’s a good point. Could be interesting to read about the stories of the guys here in this forum. So I’ve created a thread, you can find it here. It’s similar to this one, but it’s more detailed and not only based on Renoise. :wink:

Thanks hehe.

@Garf the mix is on your track is VERY good. Congrats. EQ on point.

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nice one! thanks for sharing <3 that track made me think and do nothing for 4 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

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Also if you do a “live render”? You always can use mrecorder to catch EXACTLY how it’s played… But I am unsure if this actually is required, since dblue multiple times explained what could change on a (offline-)render. Are you rendering to a different sample rate than played? A lot of VSTi/VSTs still have bugs regarding samplerate inside, I lately was surprised about that again, so the tonality can totally change, if you switch the samplerate. I also think some deprecated Renoise filters are samplerate dependent, too. Are you using Renoise 3.2?

Here is my latest noise:

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Never thought about the samplerate in this context, but in some cases it might be the point. Mostly I keep everything in 16bit, but I’ve got some samples in 24bit, too. And I only use samples when it comes to the drums, so it could be that some Hihats in 24bit were used here and there. I will check this. Rendering is always taking place in 16bit. But it can’t be caused by an offline render, because I always render in realtime. Rendering offline is causing too many faults, for example most delays are out of tune after rendering offline. I could also record everything with No23 Recorder, but I’ve never done this before. And yes, currently I’m using Renoise 3.2.1.

Yes, nice one. Reminds me of the good old times when cracktunes and demoscene tunes were big on Amiga. It also has some SID feeling. But not only that, it adds some nice electronic vibes in a top quality, too. It’s also very well composed, everything fits together perfectly. Great tune!

8 years ago I did something in a similar style, but without the nostalgic part:

I would consider it to be “Electronica”.

some futuristic experimental stuff
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Sorry for all of the demos, but this is the song i’ll be releasing in a couple of weeks. I kinda got caught up in VSTs and using a bunch of different plugins, so instead, i’m starting over and going back to using stock effects. As always feedback appreciated and if there’s anything work on in terms of composition or mixing, feel free to say. Right now i’m just trying to get the bass and 909 distorted kick to be present in the mix.

Thank you for taking the time to listen and i hope you can find some enjoyment out of what’s here.

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Need some work on the panning but the track sounds promising.I will be waiting to hear the final version



This is an EP I wrote in Renoise. Admittedly, I mixed it in reaper and my friend mastered it, but it all started in the tracker…

If anyone’s interested, I can put up the XRNS’s for them :slight_smile:

Keen to hear any and all feedback.



Very nice tracks man.I listened to all 4 of them and i got to say you contracted these tunes beautifully.Where do you people hide all the time?Give me all you got!! :smile:

did a short loop in renoise and took 2 acapellas for a play
used mostly airwindows stuff in bitwig for mixing with acapella

(no tags on stuff anymore, as i didn’t realize it’s on)
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4 computer music tunes: the first 2 made with ableton live and the last 2 made with renoise. Someone else mixed and mastered them though.


Well that someone did a great job mixing and mastering but you also did a great job composing.Etude In Beweging is such a simple tune but so powerful

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