Your history as a musician

When have you started creating music and why?
How did you compose your music and what style do you prefer?

My story:
I the year 1991 my best friend introduced a program called Soundtracker to me at the age of 12. I was addicted to electronic music since the age of 4, and I was always a creative mind, so I started playing around with sounds on Soundtracker. Soundtracker was the first known tracker on the Amiga 500, which was the best computer back then. That was the time when Commodore, the manufactorer of C16, C64 and Amiga, was really big before it disappeared and was being replaced by PC. After a whle there was a successor of Soundtracker called Noisetracker, and shortly after that another successor appeared, called Protracker. That was my DAW for years until 1997. And it wasn’t bad, I almost signed a contract with A&R FAX Records at the age of 14 and got invited in their studio, but it never happened because I wasn’t persistent enough for getting this contract. I thought the lack of sound quality would always be there as long as I create music on Amiga, otherwise I would have had signed for sure. By the way, the music I made back then was primarely Techno. Meanwhile I tried Cubase and using Hardware gear in a musician’s workshop on Atari ST, but that was absolutely not the way I would like to create music. It’s way too awkward working with it. So in 1997 I finally switched to PC, because Commodore wasn’t anymore and I didn’t want to continue creating music in a limited sound quality with only 4 tracks. Luckily there was a successor on PC called Fasttracker, which was my DAW for exactly 6 weeks. It was exactly the same like Protracker on Amiga, but without the limitation of 4 tracks. Suddenly even a single instrument took much more memory space than a whole song made with Protracker. But finally I was able to work with the number of tracks I needed. The reason why I only worked about 6 weeks with Fasttracker was because my PC only worked for 6 weeks, then one part after another fell apart, nothing worked right anymore, so I gave up and didn’t want to be a PC user anymore. I didn’t like PCs anyway, I was a Commodore user. I was that frustrated when it comes to my PC, that I completely stopped creating music.I couldn’t imagine going back to Protracker with only 4 tracks and a limited sound quality. 11 years later in the year 2008 my relationship to my girl back then has ended and I needed something for distraction, so a friend of mine introduced Skaletracker to me, which was an unfinished freeware Fasttracker clone, so I started creating something with it. Time went by and I wanted to get better in every aspect, but Skaletracker had too many limitations. You couldn’t use VSTs and many functions weren’t working, because Skaletracker was unfinished. Luckily at this point Renoise was recommended to me, that was in the year 2011 (In the thread “How did you meet Renoise?” I wrote 2012, but I guess that’s wrong, because I’ve found some tracks on my hard disk from 2011 which obviously were made in 2011 with Renoise). Since then I’m a happy Renoise user and finally everything I’ve always wanted is there. Now I can use VSTs, I can use as many tracks as I need and I can drop a beat as fast as before, because Renoise is a tracker with advanced possibilities. And a tracker is much more intuitive than anything else, it’s very easy to handle. But not only the DAW changed, my music style, too. Since 10 years I prefer creating Elektro and since round about one year I also create Synthwave. Thanks to Renoise (yes, and a little bit to my skills, too) I even have got an official release on a french Elektro label called Ukonx Recordings. And I’m absolutely not a pro! There’s absolutely not enough time to even think about becoming more professional. From 2013 until 2018 I also had to stop creating music because there was no time (self-employment isn’t easy). Music is just a hobby and will ever be, but a big one. :wink:

So that’s my story. What about you?


Haha, I have similar story with Cubase…

  • 1985 Learned the basics on Commodore 64 with futurecomposer and soundmonitor, made a few tunes for the demoscene. I am in forever love with the C64 sound!
  • 1990 That carried over to the Commodore Amiga where the maintool was Protracker, just a bit disappointing it didn’t have a synth chip like the c64.
  • 1994 Started using FastTracker on PC
  • 1997 I bought some hardware but I couldn’t find a decent tracker to use so I really tried getting comfortable with Cubase, that was doomed, the fact that you couldn’t recall settings easily and using the mouse so much threw me off composing for a very very long time…
  • 2002 until Renoise popped up and I started making some music again. I tried Skaletracker, Madtracker and some other stuff before but they just weren’t good enough.
  • 2020 Fast forward to yesterday when I finally got something released on a music aggregator :slight_smile:

started music school for accordion around 2004
fl studio around 2007, brother and his friends started using it so when they got out I did take my turn.

after 2 years started using acid pro, after approx 1 year reason 5

for several years using ableton live. meanwhile going in high music school and various music related activities (church choir etc)

started music academy for music pedagogy, did 3 years, in that time it was mostly reason and ableton live

5 years ago Ive got the mpc studio and was using only, asstandalone for a year or so

~4 years ago started using renoise mainly, mixbus 32c came along.

bitwig is in primary focus so far

a lot of years behind daw

and whatnot in between :slight_smile:

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man I was just getting born when you started using fast tracker 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m very new on this forum but also have a story:

Since 1992 I was a computer kid with my ZX Spectrum device. There was my cool school time.
First sounds that I was trying to made on speccy is BASIC program with BEEP operators like this (example from inet):
10 PRINT “Frere Gustav”
20 BEEP 1,0: BEEP 1,2: BEEP .5,3: BEEP.5,2: BEEP 1,0
30 BEEP 1,0: BEEP 1,2: BEEP .5,3: BEEP.5,2: BEEP 1,0
40 BEEP 1,3: BEEP 1,5: BEEP 2,7
50 BEEP 1,3: BEEP 1,5: BEEP 2,7
60 BEEP .75,7: BEEP .25,8: BEEP .5,7: BEEP .5,5:BEEP .5,3: BEEP.5,2: BEEP 1,0
70 BEEP .75,7: BEEP .25,8: BEEP .5,7: BEEP .5,5: BEEP .5,3: BEEP .5,2: BEEP 1,0
80 BEEP 1,0: BEEP 1,-5: BEEP 2,0
90 BEEP l,0: BEEP 1,-5: BEEP 2,0

Not very handy but something. Unfortunnaly I was lose my interest to composing very soon.

Second try was on PC at 1994-1996. Were was a dawn of electronic music and such music groups like Scooter, Blumchen, Interactive and indeed - Music instructor: “We would like to show you how to make a hit record…”
I never forget their “Hymn”. The great knowlege just in one song. Now I figured out about them - there was a group of professional sound operators who started to make their own music.

First steps i made with Sound Forge 4. It was just a sampler like Audacity but I was know nothing about music software.
So that sampler was my first “DAW”. Many hours I spend cutting sounds, transposing them and move some pieces of music between different compositions. And I really LIKE it.

Now I did’t remember where I found a Scream Tracker editor but it was fantastic. From that time I have started to make my own noise.
Second step was Fast Tracker 2 with amazing graphical interface. And many many hours was spended over it.
Third was an Impulse Tracker - soft like Scream Tracker on steroids. Only then I started to suspect that music is not only notes - it something more complicated. This is how I discovered sound effects.
Last soft I have tried was Buzz editor - modular and powerful but with a hellish inhuman interface.
It was maybe 1998.

… And I forgot about music software for many years. Because I was stupid and think that only expensive professional equipment can be used for composing.

At 2015 I remember the old good times and started to serch Internet for new trackers or maybe something like that. And YES.

You guess - I find Renoise. And only then I have understand how music creation works. Effect chains like in Buzz but with my beloved tracker interface, VST support, good documentation.

I was happy and work with Renoise till autumn 2018. And stopped again till autumn 2019 when i was desided to purchase a full version. And I stop again (you know) till september 2020.

And now I’m here :rofl:

A thing that pushed me to creative:


Probably Mahler would’ve been impressed. (He’d need to correct the tiny typo in line 90 to finish his tune :slight_smile: )