I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws

Then, here is a short try for a new project… to be continued soon.
It’s very short but I’m already happy with this, so I share ^^

Full Renoise and VSTs, except the few flute notes blowed by me.


very cool atmosphere, i like the chill droney quality. love the percs and sfx here and there, also

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I haven’t gotten any monitors yet and i haven’t done any improvements to the acoustics in my flat, so i’m not sure how the mix sounds? It sounds allright in my headphones, but a bit rumbly on my cheap ass bluetooth speakers…


Sounds really nice in my good headphones plugged in my phone. Got to listen later on my desktop speakers for the final judgement.Lovely track by the way , great sounds and a very warm feeling

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Here’s an EP i just released, entirely made with Renoise.



maybe too much low mid in the bass/mix. some of the melodic elements could be louder and the whole mix could use some more presence around 2-4KHz, I think. At least that’s what’s jumping out on my (admittedly mediocre) monitoring setup

Nice tune! My fav of yours I’ve heard in a while. make an ep in this style :slight_smile:

@sthg This is great. mix sounds nice and clear, and I dig the style. gives me some chilled out braindance vibes. lovely, luscious pads and such. :+1: :+1:

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I thought i heard something wasn’t right about my mix, but good to hear i wasn’t as far off as i feared. I’ll try to fiddle around with it some more to see if i can improve it, but i struggle a bit with my monitoring.

Some ambient, glitchy thing I’ve been working on for a while.


Way to much bassy for my taste but thats a matter of preference.Although i can hear everything the drums feel to much in your face and the other elements way back,until the 1:39 then things seem more balanced.Maybe use a more thinner sounding kick could make a difference

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Nice track man but you got to mix it better.At 2:37 my speakers got scared

I listened back and there’s a pop there on the left side. Is that what you’re talking about? I think it comes from automating the bypass on a filter.

There is a sound there something like piano/ keys stabs?It gets loud at that point and in fact it messed the track since you introduced it earlier,also i cant hear any bass in the track

An experimental remake for fun.


That was very nice but i would have liked some variation in the bassline

Thanks, you got a point, it’s a lazy basse, i’m a lazy Guy, i’ll work on this in a few time

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Here’s a new mix, tried to make it a bit less heavy on the bass and brighten up the higher mid and high frequencies…did i overdo it perhaps? I also tried to make those drums a little bit smoother…


Way way better in my headphones but I will check later in my speakers too.

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Sounds good in my speakers too, very tight you did a great job in that department.Bear in mind that my speakers are not high end so i might be missing a lot of stuff ,also i still feel its very in your face kinda mix but good mix i just like more mellow tracks

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I think this one is also completely native, though haven’t opened it in years :slight_smile: , dl track here; (176 bpm) Jonas The Plugexpert - Kneeing Abobo

edit; wrong thread lol


Did not expect that creepy clown to show up, scared the shit out of me just like when I was a kid and watched for the first time IT.You can post your tracks here and in Liliths thread why not in the music section of Renoise too ,so more people can hear it.Very nice track

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