I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws

Exactly. But not only once, three times at least.

I wasn’t talking about the tonality, what I’ve meant is the composition. Your song is pretty complete and doesn’t need another new instrument just to play C, C# and C for several times. The whole composition is pretty playful, and this string melody is too simple for that kind of song imho. I would have used the already known atmospheric chords for that section and to “rearrange” the song instead of that string.

Especially nostalgia, right? Early 90s breakbeat sound, very well known vocal samples and samples in general. It brings back some memories, thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice nostalgic stuff.

Welcome and congrats for knowing how many songs you’ve finished in your life. I would like to know my nubers, too, but I can only guess that it’s pretty similar. I thought I’ve invented a music style called “Sidwave” around 5 or 6 years ago when I’ve created a “Synthwave song” with SID instruments mainly. But now I see a guy who calls himself “Sidwave”, so I wonder if you’ve already created a Synthwave song with SID instruments before I did. I can imagine that. :wink:


i am on a roll.
i particularly like this one, turned out very nice :slight_smile:

Renoise + Nexus4 , that’s it.



Here are some feebles:


Sneaky little DnB Roller here


My brain produced the blue screen of death like Windows after listening to this track.Its like an error message from start to finish but i like it :smiley:

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Subscribe to this channel my friends,George is making fantastic tutorials probably the best ones for Renoise.Also a master in video editing ,you will never get bored.George you should also make some tutorials in video editing,many of us that are into music making are also interested in video editing,after all we are all nerds around here :smiley:


yes, i have made sid music since 1986…
there is nearly 300 sids in my HVSC folder.

here is some links to spotify SID albums from me, made on commodore 64:

my Spotify, profile

The SID albums (mostly 6581 r4 used)

The Master Collection, 33 handpicked tunes

30 years of Sidwave


You may find all my SID music in the High Voltge SID Collection

You can play the .sid files with SIDPLAY for Windows and Mac, or other sidplayer

in 1986 my name was Rambones of The Supply Team
I am one of the first 5 dansih SID composers

But the spotify has pc/synth albums. so just listen all :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest


I also did game tunes and sfx for C64 games

Here is one of the SID tunes seen from inside the tracker

my youtube channel is at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgOH68jKHv_tYCNNzZI1OTA

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Thanks mate! I’m happy with my most recent series. Think it will be really helpful for people getting into Renoise.

The video editing/animations would be a great idea for a video also! I’ve really stuck in my lane with that one use Premier Pro/After Effects with no plugins. Just kept it simple and learnt my mistakes from trying to take on too much when first starting with music production.


Did this for a ‘euclidean rhythms’ challenge on another forum. All of the drums were triggered with euclidean sequencers in voltage modular, and it was kind of hard to find the pocket / groove sometimes!

Gore warning

This was my ‘trigger’ rig, complete with ridiculous notepad-looking comments. I don’t think I even touched the drums otherwise, aside from just slicing clips here and there for cohesion!

Every hit basically just has a dedicated euclidean module. I could’ve definitely made the rig a lot smaller, but I wanted everything to have its own clock and dedicated everything just for flexibility. Really I just ended up playing with the euclidean modules the most though, trying to come up with grooves that worked :smiley:


We all need to crush some bones from time to time.

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Thanks, since a couple of years I prefer Audacious as a player for extraordinary sound formats just like SID or MOD. So if you’re one of the first SID composers, you might know my favorite danish SID composer called Thomas Mogensen aka Drax. Personally I just prefer his Amiga works. And yeah, I don’t and I won’t support Spotify, so unfortunately I cannot listen to your stuff there. One needs an account to do that. But I’ve listened to some of your stuff on Bandcamp and I’ll probably check some tunes in the HVSC, too.

Solid tune, even if the kick would benefit from some more loudness and punch. And imho the snare is too loud in comparison to the rest. But I especially like the bassline. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would, but unfortunately I cannot afford the punishment for that. So I’m limited to crush bones and cartilage with my teeth while eating chicken wings. :wink:

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that’s pretty cool :slight_smile:

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and here is the video with all my c64 scene friends in it, who i met in real life.
waves of time soundtrack from me.
yes i know DRAX… see this video :slight_smile:


I don’t know most of the people shown in your video, but damn, there are many of my favorite SID composers like Rob Hubbard, Reyn Ouwehand, Thomas Mogensen, Jeroen Tel and I’ve even spotted Thomas Egeskov Petersen at 3:41, who is my all time favorite when it comes to scene sound. He also made my all time favorite cracktune “Ikari Intro” that I HAD TO remix. There are also some “famous” game composers next to Rob Hubbard like Ben Daglish (RIP), David Whittaker and Martin Galway. And there are Amiga composers like Jogeir Liljedahl, Geir Tjelta and Jazzcat, who made some of my favorite scene tunes. Chris Abbott is still well known on remix64. Wait, is this Thomas Detert at 5:01? So you know a lot. I only miss Chris Hülsbeck and Matt Gray. But “Jeff”, whoever that is, looks similar to Matt Gray. :wink:

And btw, nice SID tune from 2014! Glad you’re still creating SID sound. SID sound will always have a place “in my heart”.


Not much of a DAW (or a track), but it’s something :smiley: