I would like to hear your music made with Renoise or other Daws

Grabbed a sample from the Co-Producer A.I. and made a simple drill beat.
Edit: had to change the link because IG reels have a time limit

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Yeah, thanks I was aware; my hearing temporarily got lost, but it came back. I was just desperate to make progress based on my life experience and try to set a good example. The thing about it is that I’ve been waiting a week for the AKG240’s that were supposed to come into the mail. I was in such an inspired mood that I had to create something. When I listened to it on the smart TV, I was so disappointed with the result. I was like, Where’s that constant filter sweep that was supposed to be in those two separate sections in parts of the song? It sounded amazing on earbuds, but the earbuds tend to overamplify the higher frequencies. I had to take off the earbuds and hear it from a distance to hear the levels of the instruments more clearly and make adjustments. My hearing is kind of off right now, but it’s a little better. I just stopped making the tracks I wanted to make yesterday because I was concerned about how bad my hearing got. You just confirmed that.

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Yeah, Dr. Peacock released his newest song, and I looked too deep in how long ago it was posted and the view count with the music video and it rang something true, it had so much meaning from what I was going through, that I had to make this track, even though I was using earbuds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3otvPG8dpsY


Played with airwindows’ plugins, liked the hiss, made some dumb acidy outsider techno track


Lyrics if you open up my page.

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Deprivation, done with Reaper.

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I’ve chosen to rap for fun, and threw out a new little EP yesterday.

On my page, the previous release is Welcome to Space, and Le Montage de Possible,
which you may also try.

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Proud of this one. Also, I am Fern Dubz now.

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Some really interesting stuff in this thread!

This is my effort, I wanted to compare volumes with you guys since all these tracks sound so strong and loud, I wondered if it was Bandcamp doing something odd to my track so I uploaded to soundcloud but it still seems a bit weak in comparison. Are you mostly using the mastering function in SoundCloud? I did mine in Audacity but maybe should have pushed it harder.


Never ever.

The problem is your mix. Above all the bass is rumbling and way too loud, everything else gets crushed by that bass. If you’re looking for loudness you need to fix your mix first, then you can think about pushing the volume. You could mix and master easily within Renoise, I’m pretty sure your results would improve at this point. There’s also a mixing thread in this forum if you’re looking for hints or if there’s a question.

Very nice stuff! I especially appreciate “Mahjong Cheater”, but everything else has a nice mood, too.

I always mix into a compression plugin on the master channel, usually Sausage Fattener. Most of mixing is sound selection—picking sounds that naturally sound loud to humans. I don’t really know how to mix well, but those two things help me at least finish tracks.

Thanks TNT, not to blame-shift, but my mate EQd this through his better speakers and sent it back to me and I wondered if it was a bit woolly, this was my effort before his effort

Is this any better?

Picking sounds from each part of the frequency spectrum. :slightly_smiling_face:
And the more bass, the less loud.

Yes, this is much better. I would say at least 10 times better. :+1:
The bass still needs a cut (HP filter). then you can try to push the volume by any kind of limiter a little more.

Thanks mate, I’ll have another look at is with that in mind

Thanks for the suggestion, I don’t have that particular compressor but I do have MSaturator and looking online it sounds like this does a similar sort of thing

New album! Mostly new stuff from the past year, a couple of tracks from a year or two ago, and one track I started back in 2013.


A saturator isn’t a compressor. If you’re a beginner in terms of mixing and mastering I would recommend to use the native Renoise devices first. Just use the “Compressor” in every single track and compress everything slightly (Ratio 2:1, max 4:1). And simply put the “Maximizer” (default settings) in your master track. When your mix is finished you can push the volume through that Maximizer by increasing “Boost” (make sure there are no distortions while you’re doing it). That’s it. It would also help mixing-wise to keep the low ends in mono, therefore you would need something like this in your master track (everything below 150-200 Hz has to be mono).