I'd Like To Ask The Community A Few Questions

  1. What does everyone do for work…?
  2. Whats every ones favourite computer game, that is if your sad and lonely enough to play them(like me).
  3. Wanted to know, what the average time interval between every post on the forum. How much activity there is.
  1. I’m a C++ programmer
  2. I have quit gaming about 10 years ago, but a couple of weeks ago I have bought an XBOX360 and a steering wheel in order to have some fun with racing games. I like Project Gotham Racing 4 and GRID
  3. take the date of the last forum post, then the date of first forum post, subtract and divide by the posts number
  1. I design customized furnitures for (mainly) offices
  • Spectrum : Elite… and many many more
  • C64: IK+ … and many many more
  • Amiga: Nuclear wars, Minskies furballs, Slamtilt… many many more
  • MorphOS: Robin Hood; The Legend Of Sherwood
  • PC: without doubt Bejeweled. I also like the Delta Force-series
  • PlayStation: Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill … many many more
  1. beats me


Man… that game truly sucks donkey balls. Controls and physics are both equally way off the crapchart, at least on Windows. Doubt neither is any different on Xbox.

yeah, I like it as an arcade arena where to battle with different kind of vehicles. the usage of the steering wheel makes things enough realistic for me, as I’m not searching for the most realistic simulation, otherwise I would use my car ;)

PS: force feedback sucks on GRID, though

I’ve got only DualShock2 on my PC, no wheel I am afraid. But still Grid has been so far the most disappointing driving-game when it comes to controls. It sure looks pretty.

  1. medical student
  2. supersmash brothers
  3. been checking the forum daily lately
  1. I have my own cd/dvd store in Delft, Netherlands.

  2. Super mario 3 on the NES

  3. Like IT-alien said…
    I check the forum everyday a few times.

How do i find the first and last quickly?? and, that may not necessarily give an accurate answer of current activity.
It’s gonna have to have accelerated.

Nice, i meant i wanted to know the statistics of how many posts are put up an hour/day/week etc.
I’m not a racing game person, unless it burnout, simple speedy carnage or Colin Mcrae Rally…
I’m of into RTS, RPG, or FPS -
Going Backwards
Age of Empires 3
Call of Duty - WAW
Halo 2
Timecrisis 2
Metal Gear Solid
Conkers Bad Fur Day
Mario Kart
Kirbys Dream Land
Red Alert 1

I was born 88 and was just getting into games around the time the sega and snes were out. I have absolutely, and regretably no experience with the C64 or Amiga etc.

IT ALIEN - Have you got XBOX Live? Lemme know your Alias…I’ll buddy you up.

Embarrassingly, I’m an accounts ting, 9-5, 5 days a week, suit…

  1. Computer Programmer. I help take care of the Information System that runs the local University.
  2. Legend of Zenda, A Link to the Past … Diablo 2… and Rockband II
  3. If you’re referring to personal posts, I make several a day on the Renoise boards… but rarely post anywhere else.

1/ i study social work (in antwerp)
2/ i don’t game
3/ no idea

Ahhhh rockband, which instrument do you play? are you as good as those little japanese kids you see on the tube with their flicky little fingers?

  1. Student 4 months away from a B.A. in Cognitive Science

  2. Physics games (world of goo, crayon physics delux) and I actually just modded a psp; enjoying Intelligent Qube (psx) and Burnout (best drift physics i know).

  3. there’s enough activity here to keep me visiting daily. I spend most time in off-topic and am entirely unproductive.

  1. phd research dude
  2. llamatron, chaos engine, quake, turrican 2. dont play them anymore really though unless im around someones house
  3. depends, some weeks no posts, other weeks a few
  1. Verify medical insurance for a hospital (call insurance companies & get authorizations and such for peoples’ procedures)
  2. #1 game of all time is Descent. Followed by Trackmania nations. I also really like 2D platformers. And bullet hell shooters. :)
  3. I guess post a couple times a week. Depends on my interest at the time. Sometimes I will go for several weeks without visiting, but I have other forums I go to as well.
  1. Web developer
  2. Burnout and Call of Duty.
  3. +1 :P
  1. I’m an editor working for a publisher
  2. Secret of Mana, haven’t played it in years tho…
  3. I’m posting during working hours, because I can. Therefore, I post too much.

my XBOX Live account is xnapodanox, for whoever wants to buddy me, but I actually haven’t understood much about the whole Live stuff: for now I’m running races against computer as I can punch it if he behaves bad :)

  1. fix Mac computers.
  2. the gta series, picross.i don’t have the attention span for most games.
  3. reading the forum most days and occasionally making a comment.

check out littlegptracker and “IQ Mania” (psp version of intelligent cube)

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