Idea: Add Note-Offs Before Each Note In A Track

Sometimes I record note input with note-offs filtered. Is it possible to add note-offs before each note on a per-track basis automatically via a tool? I realize that this may seem redundant because of the way renoise tracks work, but having them there gives me the option to move them around if necessary. I’m currently cycling through click, caps-lock, click, caps-lock, through the track and having a tool to accomplish this in one or two clicks would be really nice. Example image attached.

like this:

Just installed this tool, is it only accessible via keybinding or am I missing something? It appears to set a fixed note duration, but I’d like to test.

Tested - but I can only get fixed note duration.

This is my first ever xrnx, so I’m not at all sure if this will work… But you could give it a go?

Thanks! Is working here :slight_smile:


I see it adds a note off before every event in every pattern / track you have the cursor in. Maybe for a future version you can make a small gui with the option to only have it applied in the current track / all patterns or selection in pattern.


Great to know it works!

The plan was to make this work as requested, on a per-track basis. But I can see that more options could make this more useful. A GUI might take some time, but for a quick fix, here’s a slightly updated version that has a bit more selectable range. With this one you can “lengthwise” select to process only the current sequence position or the whole sequence position list.

Thnx works! :D

This is awesome! Thank you so much - it’s exactly what I was looking for.