New Tool: Note Off / (Note Length Tool)


Main Keybinding: "Note Off Tool"

The main GUI is for the note-length part of the tool.

  • Set the “Length in Rows”, and note-OFFs will be applied after every note that distance away. The tool clears the previous note_OFFs first.
    i.e. you control the lengths of all the notes in a “Track in Pattern” at once.

  • If you set the rows to zero all noteo-OFFs except the first in each column will be cleared.

Extra Short-cuts :

"Add Note-Offs To Empty Cells in Row"
"Add Note-Offs To Empty Cells in [Whole Pattern Row]"

e.g. after applied on second chord row:

Note offs added - Copy

click for changelog

–Added: when a delay value is chosen, delay column will be automatically unhidden if hidden
–Added: Delay:Tog button to toggle cuttent tracks delay column hidden/shown

–Added Delay column support

– Added “Selection In Pattern” option

– Fixed valuebox behaviour

My Other Scripts:

I thought it was a problem with the conversion (You are currently forced to perform a conversion number to string and string to number conversion), It has been fixed, but only comes with the next update. You can for now only circumvent this by deliberately doing a conversion from number to string and vice versa.

Ah, ok I will see what I can do with it for now,


Where exactly would I perform this conversion? I tried in the valuebox notifier and in the main function but it didn`t help:

[PHP]local conversion = tostring(number)
conversion = tonumber(conversion)

local note_length = conversion[/PHP]

In the same way that you add a notifier function to the valuebox declaration, you would add the conversion functions there.

For example:

tostring = function(value)   
 return tostring(value)  
tonumber = function(str)   
 return tonumber(str)  

Thanks, thats great dblue!

No problemo. I ran into exactly the same problem myself recently. It was definitely a WTF moment :)

Yeah, I started blaming my keyhandler function first up :)

New update with valuebox fix:

Added “Selection in Pattern” option and made it the default.

–Added Delay column support:

Haven’t had time yet to check this out, but thanks in advance! :)

No probs, thanks for checking it out. When you get the chance, try applying:

Rows: 1

to a whole pattern (via selection) for a bit of a gating effect :)

–Added: when a delay value is chosen, delay column will be automatically unhidden if hidden
–Added: Delay:Tog button to toggle cuttent tracks delay column hidden/shown

2.7 beta version added

2.7 Version Now on tools page:

Ey Ledger,

was wondering if you would consider some feature requests for your tool? Namely:

…some kind of linear/exponential note-off insertion & adding randomness.

With linear/exponential I mean;

  1. the tool auto inserts note-offs at increasing intervals of enough empty lines, it shouldn’t overwrite existing note content.

In the above screenshot you see a note-off is placed immediately after the first event, than the next opportunity when there is enough space en so forth.

  1. Another option would be to have note-offs added with some kind of counter mechanism:

Here the amount of events is taken into consideration for note-off placement, no matter how much empty space is between the events. The wanted feature would put a note-off after the first event, than after 2 events, than after 3 events etc.

And last but not least have some kind of randomization for the note-off’s.

Why would these kind of things be useful?

I often use patterns of note-off’s in drum parts to variate, emphasize and create some kind of structure. These kind of functions would aid in setting up quick patterns.

Thanks for the detailed explaination Jonas,

When I get back to scripting I will have a look at how well this may fit the tool.

cool :)

Ey Ledger,

Dunno if I can describe it understandably enough :slight_smile: , but could you make an option for this tool so that you can set the amount of rows before the next note hits? So if you set the amount to 2, then two steps before there is a note event a note-off is placed.

Very useful. Thanx a bunch!