Idea: Ext.editor For Automation Editor As Well

Ok, so now we have an (detachable) ext.editor option for the instrument envelopes and custom lfo envelop which is amazing for editing, it raises the question why this isn’t available for the automation editor?

Hopefully during this beta period it can be added!


pretty please with a cherry on top, this would make 2.8 full circle !

Yes, yes, yes, yes!!! You guys beat me to the post, but let me add weight to it here. Would be incredibly useful!

detach automation editor request = +1 :)

+1 in that case i would suggest multiple automations view in detach window…

I don’t suspect that conversion is done too easily. Maybe for one pattern it is doable on a quick notice, but not with the zooming features spanning across multiple sequences and allowing you to draw lines across multiple automation patterns.

+1 - I was actually searching a while for this yesterday when trying out 2.8b1 and saw in that video that envelope editors could be “externalized”, and was a slightly bit surprised to not find it available for the automation envelope - but I understand that those two types of “envelopes” are probably quite different beasts codewise ^_^ Sorry to the devs for being so feature hungry, as this beta already brings so many improvements :dribble:

i would really love it :)

Excellent idea. I’d use this a lot even if it’s just the old style automation editor, without the zooming.

Yes yes yes. I’m repeating myself, but I’d love to see such detachable windows for the Pattern Matrix, Pattern Editor, Disk Browser, pretty much everything. ;)


Would be perfectly fine for me to have the current selected pattern in the automation editor up for the ext.editor screen, leaving the zooming across multiple patterns for another update if proven to difficult.

Do you mean something other than the external plug-in editor? Do you mean the Track DSP-view on the lower frame?

Please request side-missions in your own threads, let’s keep this one about ext.editor for automation editor!

2 x yes.

to have at least more room vertical for more precise drawing of automation points. (iirc we have no shiftkey for finetuning)

and typing every exact value by hand is a bit clumsy.
other than that the 00-ff range (as patterncommand) is enough for me.

Yeah, sorry, just became so enthusiastic about detaching. ;)

It happens to the best of us, f+d+k :)

bump for 2012 :yeah:

+2 :yeah:

i voted last year and i vote this year for the external automationwindow! and a great 2012 for all of you! :drummer: