Idea For A Tool.

As I have a show coming up I was thinking… With the addition of these tools into Renoise would it be possible to script a crossfader of some sorts to control two instances of Renoise? I’m really behind in my learning of LUA (I swear I started lol) but I dont know if something like this would be possible. Would be really cool though… to be able to sorta “mix” if you will some tracks I made for a live show… I know there are other things out there like the aweosme OHM and stuff… anyway. Just thought i’s ask =D



It’s possible. Thru OSC, for example.

hmm OSC… Open Sound Control I believe, correct? So… in essence I could just create this crossfader in PureData?

yes, Open Sound Control
It can be done and in PureData, and in Renoise - in any program which can drive OSC devices
in Renoise it can be done thru OSC and Socket API

Hmm. I have alot to learn it seems… Anyone up for the feat? I’m guessing this would be a handy tool for all… Nothing fancy, Just a simple crossfader to mix a track into another from one instance of Renoise to another… PLEASE!



Yes it should be possible with both Lua and OSC

I did a crossfading patch in puredata a while back. Check it out.

Note that if your sound card support multiple outputs, it’s possible to simply use a DJ mixer for crossfading (with each Renoise instance as it’s own sound source). Nothing beats that!

Well this ends this topic lol!!! Thanks danoise!!!