Idea For Long Sound

what you think about adding more funktion in the play list?

Like this sticky thread you mean? :P

yeap! but displace in the playlist and synhronized with sample editor without visualisation but small block

This would be good, but only if you wanted the sample to play at the beginning of the pattern no?
There would be no way of making it play specifically from say, the 13th beat of pattern 12 without further implements… :wacko:

Nice thinking somewhat outside the box.

However, what if you have 10 long sounds?

What you will get in the end is a basic arranger.

So I think they should rather implement an arranger.

What about in\out markers which can be placed in samle editor?
About synchronization.
It is possible to use commands which are used in beatslicing in this way sound fragment will be play from the moment of pattern playing.
In renoise they have separate window of browser. Maybe it s useful to add separate window for work with playlist.


thnx my Girlfreand for helping me with my english =)