Idea For Rendering

Something i have spent alot of time manually working around; when rendering+ a section of a track that has either long samples, delay, reverb…basically anything leading into the start of it where the note hits are not included in the sequence being rendered, but there are still sounds lingering if the track was played in its entirety, it would be handy to have some sort of option that goes through from the start of the track, gets ALL the little bits and pieces, and just renders the bit I selected to the file…
I assume this wasnt included because of the time taken for the pc to process the task…But put it this way, if it was possible but took 6 hours to export, i’d gladly load up all the samples i needed rendering before bed and let it do it over night rather than constantly manually cutting things all the time… :P

yes, precisely!
but as a seperate option. As is, it fulfils most tasks to the point.

I mean, its possible to render the lot and cut things out manually, sure, (or in the case of a sample, sequence in a 09##) but often getting the timing right is tricky, especially with something like ambience. being able to select the start and end point in the sequence of which part you want to render is a powerful feature, but lacks the ability to take the overall scope of the pattern.

Oooh! If Renoise inserted markers/regions/whatever in the .wav at the beginning of every pattern (or other definable intervals) that would be AWESOME.

Then you could burn a CD that has a different track for every pattern! :blink:

…seriously though, it would also be cool if there was an option for render selection to sample that didn’t bother rendering the stuff before the selection… but waited till all the sound (vsti, reverb, delay, etc) stopped playing AFTER the selection… of course with a timeout of 3 times the size of the selection or something… this would be useful in quite a few areas… including beat chopping

+1 :yeah:

That would indeed, be OSSUM!



dblue: Yeah, that was a friggin good idea! ;)

It would be an option… ie: you don’t have to use it ;)
also, there’s the fade thingy in the sample editor :)

Seems more bother than it’s worth to me - I’d say go with dBlue’s idea, I’d definately definately use that for chopping out loops for Ableton Live etc…

i’m not sure i follow this idea… :unsure:

Only if your patterns are 4+ seconds. CD-Audio cannot handle tracks that are under 4 seconds.

Sorry for the slight digression, carry on. :)