Idea: "Group Labels" in Instrument Box and Samples Box

Group Labels in Instrument Box and Samples Box

This has already been discussed above for version 3.0.1.I’m moving here.

The idea isthe ability to divide into groups (the instruments, and the samples) about a Group Label.

The objective :be ordainedand sorting.Be faster to find the instrument or sample.


Something similar to this.

6053 06-labels-instrument-box.png

Clarify that the screenshots are to show the idea and to comment, not to RenoiseTeam do the same.If the idea is not good, it is rejected,and it’s over.

The steps are:

  1. Instrument Box
  2. Add new Label Group 01 with the menu (or Label, or Tag). Example: “Percussion”
  3. Dragor loadinstruments orsamples (15 instruments XRNI)
  4. Add new Label Group 02 with the menu (or Label, or Tag). Example: “Synthesizers”
  5. Dragor loadinstruments orsamples. (7 instruments XRNI and 2 VSTi, and 3 WAV sounds)
  6. Repeat…
  7. Reorderby dragginginstrumentsif necessary.

Note:By including aLabel,is addedabove the slot, always (if noslot,you cannot addthe label).


Do you see this useful?

How would the Lua function for swapping instruments affect these labels? What are the labels tied to on the data level? (I suspect this would be somewhat inconsistent with the “organize instruments” tool )

I do not know the code.Would it not be possible with an order of position?

  • Before 1 is a label (xxx)
  • Before 7 is a label (yyy)

Instruments under a label need not be related.Each instrument occupies a position.No matter what instrument,or that have name,only its position.

  • LABEL(XXX), 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, LABEL (YYY), 07, 08…
    • ​LABEL(XXX)always before 01. (position 01 -01)
    • LABEL (YYY) always before 07. (position 07 -01)
    • If no 01, the label disappears.
    • If no 07, the label disappears.

You can change the instrument position, the label will remain in his position.If the case goes to a label interferes, it is removed and placed elsewhere.Same for the samples.

There must be some way to do this just ordering numbers.

I will read the link…

… (I suspect this would be somewhat inconsistent with the “organize instruments” tool )

Indeed, this would be a problem for this tool…

  1. Labels should disappear if all the instruments are sorted by name, size, etc …Hasnot make sense there.
  2. In tool, add order by label,and labels appear again… (justas would order Renoise with labels,in the case that the function is implemented in Renoise)

Something similar.The information of labels would be saved in XRNS.

In the one case as in the other, I get the feeling that something is missing at the hour of ordering instruments and samples.

I wish I could sort by types of instruments, not by the name of each. For example:

  • percussion
  • strings
  • synthesizers
  • pianos
  • winds

Butsimply adding a tag or label in a position.This form of order is very useful.A simple, ordered list that does not depend on the name of the instruments, but yes by type, or class (ordered by the user).

Another solution would be to order each instrumentvirtualfolders (navigation panelwith expanded folders, just like Windows). Each folder is a type.Later each folder can be sorted by name, size…It has to be an added,not to alter anything…

This I think I saw it on the forum,in the past.I just look for the simplest possible solution for the user.

+1, even if it’s just a regular browsing tree with [+] that you can expand/collapse. No need for several levels, one would already be helpful…