Updated Tool (3.1): Sort Instruments

Sort Instruments

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Sort the instrument list by various criteria.


“Sort Instruments…” when right clicking the instrument box.

Update 2016-05-21:

Added github just to familiarize myself with it: https://github.com/snabeljoel/joule.no0b.SortInstruments

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Thanks a lot! Much appreciated :)


joule on phiiiiire! thanks sir ninja

I traverse my timeline retroactively to inform my past self that this tool is exactly what I wanted all along. So useful!

Very nice, very concise! Planning to publish this on the tools-page? For future versions there seems to be some room for optimizing for speed, though. ;)
But foremost: thank you for a nice extra feature for my renoise.

Thank you! Most of the speed issue is due to Renoise taking time to swap instruments (I might be able to speed this up by swapping the biggest instruments first, to minimize number of swaps for them). I don’t think i can do very much in the song scanning department. Well, it could stop scanning if all instruments are found in some cases.

As for the tools page i have no objection, if the admin there think the quality and coding is good enough.

EDIT: I thought of some more speed optimizations. Gonna add them to the next version. Thanks for getting me thinking about it.

this is why I love renoise… I make a request… and someone makes a tool… this software gets it’s updates by it’s own users :slight_smile:



One small request: Order samples by Track

I use the module splitter script allot and it would be so smooth if the sample assigned to track 1 would be the first sample in the sample list and so on. As it is now, the more tracks a module splits into the more confusing it gets to decipher and this addition to the sample organizer would help a great deal.

OF course this mode would only make sense for projects with tracks that only use 1 instrument each.

I think that’s what the “Appearance (track)” option does. It scans the song horizontally (track by track) and orders instruments by which is first found.

Amazing. Can this be used to also sort the tracks by order-instruments-first-found? :)
or would that be a separate tool?

That’s a good idea for a different tool - “Sort tracks by first instrument”.

I was thinking about making a track sorting tool, but I didn’t find many practical uses for it.

yeah, if it also detected which patterns are muted in the pattern matrix, and sorted by “first actually played note” instead of “first note on first pattern, no matter if muted or not”, it’d be awesome.


A wish: Similar tool for samples! :)

This would organize samples within an instrument, keeping the key mapping updated but changing the order of samples in the instrument?

I seldom use multi-sampled instruments, but if it is truly usable I could probably make a tool like that. I think it would fit better as a context menu somewhere in the instrument/sample editor? Please give suggestions on sensible options.

Well this makes things so much easier for me. Thanks Joule! :)