Idea: Renoise In Disco Mode

Not very functional idea, but could be fun.
a script that changes theme colors or intensity.
on the sound output.

it could automatically create a Signal FOllower device on the Master track in order to get the output value

use lfo device(s) and control, automate or program the color intensities for the psychedelic win!

would be kind of lol (=

lots of lulz and pizaaaaaaazzzz…love it!!! classic!!!+1 :P

When the song ends, everything turns black. :lol:

it may also deliver renoise some more exposure. I think lots of youtube movies will be uploaded to show of the weirdest color routing tricks.

if the tool could sense which devices are present (like the lfo does) and on the other end the desired color to change. you get a very flexible system.

it’s a crazy idea though :)

We r joking around a lot, however, I really think its a wicked idea! I am actually all for it…would be really fun :w00t:

no! when the song ends, everything turns black and the project is deleted ;D

Epileptics and the Pokemon fans would approve!

could give a whole new dimension to those tracker animations:

Can someone point me to the strings that can control the colors? I can’t find them myself it seems.

No, because the themecolours aren’t available in the API.
You can change the track colours though, but these only affect the Pattern matrix and the bloxks above the tracks.

wow! somebody actually did this!