Teaser: Track Color Device

wohoo!! love this… this is just like something i’ve requested back in 2004:

Vu Meters In The Tracks like in protracker


ha! really cool idea! :)

shall be interesting to see how this can be used with fixing drums

Hehee :D Can’t wait to see how my breakcore stuff will make my Renoise blink and flash.

Can you script your own meta-devices with Renoise 2.8? So you have a signal follower controlling your new tool?

:panic: +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1

Thats so cool, how is it on the cpu?

Also just a idea, but when the song isn’t playing could it highlight the selected track with the background colour and make all the others black or darker so you can see better where you are in the pattern editor.

@Dunks, It seems to be light on the CPU. The only thing I notice is that track scopes (with bg color) are jittery when changing track colors, but that seems to be an issue with Renoise.

Good feature suggestion. That might be for the future, if preferences and additional features are added. This is just a device that you can automate any way you want.

when can we download this joule ? :slight_smile:

Amazing!!! People have been requesting something like this for years. :w00t:

Yes Like me :) Idea: Renoise In Disco Mode

Really neat!

Thanks for your support and showing that there is some interest in this. It’s placed far up on my todo list.

I’ll also add a “master controller”, making it possible to shift all values at once, HSL wise. This will make it possible to fade in/out all effects at once, or perhaps shift HUE globally for different ‘scenes’ at different segments of the song.

(The weak part of using the device is that with LFOs you will have to place reset commands manually from where you start if you want everything in perfect sync. Perhaps this could be solved by using formula device, but I guess I should stay out of that.)

wow, very intresting idea! what i did not have seen: can you also have this effect in trackscopes and trackscope color? would be nice to get a optimum on visual control which colored track belongs to the colored trackscope.

pvcf, Sure, it’s the normal background color changing so. But, the last beta I tried it on made the track scope lag very much when changing background color. Perhaps it was due to my gfx card. Let’s see…

thanx for responding joule! looking forward and waiting for your nice pluggin 8)
may i ask for a additional feature?
i’m not satisfied with the highlight color of active trackscope, its not noticable enough. would it be possible to insert in your plugin a edit mode where the trackscope of actual channel would flash very slow or something so that i can better see which trackscope is currently active? maybe we need a rule that the actual trackscope always have to be a special color (set by your plugin) to keep that visibility constant (even if you edit during play ). or the active trackscope flashs always with a constant very fast rate or something like that… ?

Some words and answer to mogue from another thread. I didn’t want to hijack the thread about custom automisation, so I’m updating here instead.

Like I said in a comment on my youtube video, it automates H, S and/or L. It does so like any other automation of a value (meta devices or envelopes).

The device with the HSL values is a phony “track color device” created from a standard XY meta device. I thought it was a good choice since it can be very minimized and contains a nice XY map that fits the representation of a HS color diagram fairly well.

I haven’t had time finnishing it since i’ve been focusing on work and composing music. I’ll try to do it soon and I’m sorry for the delay. Basically all I have left is to do the initialization process (register my custom devices when loading a new song or dsp chain). I also thought about adding the possibility of having a master color shifter that all color devices will get multiplied with. By this you can easily change “color scenes” globally in a track when going from one song segment to another. I should also add a folder with some preset dsp chains to make it easy for anyone to try it.

It’s all very simple but elegant and visually awesome :) I don’t think people will use it a lot, but some cool visual performances will hopefully be made with it. As soon as I make the time finnishing the last bits.

hooray joule! can’t wait for this!

I use all your tools daily!

Thanks for the reply joule. Very interesting read, I now have a general understanding of how this works.

Great idea and execution.

Look forward to be able to download and try it. So I hope you find the time to finish loose ends.

joule XD PING! :P

Is this tool available? I swear I tried it out on my own desktop a while, back, but maybe I’m imagining things.