Ideas for maschine/renoise integration ?

Here’s the thing :

I think Maschine (software) is way better than Renoise when it comes to making straightforward classy but not necessarily über-original soundtracks. Good for business use.

BUT, I believe that Renoise has absolutely no match when it comes to unleashing creativity. It’s so easy to go off tracks with this, while still getting cool results… Perfect for personal (re)creation.

So here’s the thing : it annoys me not to be able to use my Maschine MK2 (HW) and jam when using Renoise. The keyboard/mouse UI is as good as it can be, that’s for sure… but you can’t do miracles with these.

The duplex MCU support is pretty «meh»…

There’s an old MKI tool… that does not work anymore

Using Maschine (SW) into Renoise isn’t too bad, but it’s heavy on resources and forces you to match the song structure in both software (making it unnecessarily tedious).

Maybe routing Renoise’s tracks, and using Maschine as a mixer (is this even possible ?)…

Do you have any idea on how to use Maschine HW with renoise ?

Maybe some of you wanna help me write a duplex file ?


The duplex MCU support is pretty «meh»…

I didn’t even know that Maschine ‘does’ MCU. But yeah, the MCU protocol is just covering the basics:DAW transport and mixer.

That said, I can surely assist with a Duplex configuration.
The question is, what do you want the unit to do? Here’s an overview of the current Duplex “applications”:

Actually the main thing I miss (as stated in another post) is track names on the display…

It’s pretty tough to remember what’s what without it.

Aside than that there’s tons of interesting things to do : The jam could be used like stepp0r. Plugins controls…

But, right now, display support would be the best thing to happen

Ah, this one?

Let me just bump that topic…