Ie Sucks

Hey, if you see anybody using Internet Explorer, shoot them in the face with a shotgun, thanks. :)

Hey man, what are you trying to do? Fix the world’s overpopulation and improve its average intelligence all at once? :wink:

Hey look at this way. If you do like my plan says then:


  1. Worlds overpopulation problem gets a little fix.
  2. Average human IQ raises by several points.
  3. My work (web development) becomes a lot simpler.
  4. I may live older than 30 years and not die from stress before that.


  1. You will likely waste lot of money on ammo.
  2. You may actually go to jail. Apparently some people find that using IE is not a good enough reason for murder.

I’m with you, Suva!

I’d strangle them with my bare hands though, thus eliminating con #1. It would arguably make it more enjoyable as well. :)

Now only problem left is the con two. Any suggestions? Discuss!

Perhaps someone could write a virus that shoots you in the face if you load IE and type in

whats so wrong with IE? :) I use firefox primarly because it has wonderful adblock plus plugin (thank god for that nice piece of software), other than that i havent have too much problems with IE.

Not much. Usually its the assface linuxbastards making noise :slight_smile:

Last weekend, I met the guy who wrote this:

Maybe it will help you?

Just me, a web developer making noise. The problems with IE go far beyond any CSS and JS incompatibilities, which make the work really frustrating. And yes, also with IE8.

Suva: Always seems to be the MS products who works “differently”, and because they’re so widely used, one has to figure out how to make it work in f.ex. Internet Explorer 6 too. Been down that road many times as well…

Don’t shoot me yet, I will install firefox if I am less lazy.

Yeah, that’s the worst part of the fun. I have to support IE6 which was released like 7 years ago, and is utter crap. Also at the same time I have to use modern features of the web. Not only that, it’s pain to use for testing and debugging the problems.

Trash all IE-Hacks

I´m with you. IE 6 and 7 and 8 Sucks big time, its a nightmare to have to get it to work in all.
And clients usually don’t understand whats the trouble.

ALSO they don´t support for SVG in IE 8 which would make life a lot easier when developing web gfx.
I would like to make a really good looking webpage in svg just to wake up people.

Safari and Chrome is based on the same web rendering engine. Safari acctually has the most uptodate support for new CSS and HTML even better than Opera.

yeah fuck 'em

WRONGO. Most Windows users I know use Firefox or Opera.

Here’s why IE blows so much:

  1. Microsoft won’t adopt web standards
  2. Microsoft’s javascript implementation blows
  3. IE is full of security holes that allow spyware to be installed on your system <— this is a HUGE one

M$ needs to wake up.

nothing wrong with IE? wtf? IE is the worst. use it for like 3 weeks and you’ll have 8 toolbars and somehow your homepage has been replaced by some type of porn that you don’t like.


It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.
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