If Athiests Ruled The World



yet another example of humor as a response to nihilism


I was watching Bill Hicks last night, and he said the earth was created 12,000 years ago.

It’s too bad those kids don’t have anything better to do than provoke people, if they understood what they were doing, they could see it’s only strengthening that part of the population.

I should of just put a laughing smiley :) but no, I had to put fancy words… sorry about that.

I speak of Nietzsche’s definition of nihilism through Robert C. Solomon’s lectures on Nietzche’s works and “Laughing at Nothing: Humor As a Response to Nihilism” by John Marmysz. (edit2: I speak also from my negative experiences with other peoples religions.)

Through others… not Nietzsche himself, do I find Nietzsche’s works more interesting, simply because how his works are construed, most notably by Solomon’s lectures.

The majority of Christians being nihilistic, I can agree… I mean, just listen to that skit, taken word for word from a fundamentalist forum (edit1: plus countless years of slave morality.). It sounds like they’re judging the world "as it is that it ought NOT to be, and of the world as it ought to be that does not exist ". They’re “highest value is devaluing itself”.

I don’t want to go deep into analyzing humor but most of the time, if its funny, its true. In that skit, you didn’t need much at all. Copy paste those words from that forum, have Christian looking actors memorize them, give them Christian costumes and give it a go.

I admit that I have to re-read John Marmysz’s book in order to fully understand his definition, so far my interpretation is… having a humorous point of view in midst of nihilistic themes, is healthy.

Satire is simply the best way to expose things for how outlandish they really are.

Satire is merely a healthy way of removing yourself from a situation, if you seek out those situations, is it not something entirely different?

Humor, I meant humor.

sad that people like that, really do exist. :(

Makes sense, I guess it depends on how one arrives to the act of laughing or how one manipulates the power of laughter. The will to laughter, the motive behind the “hah that’s fucking hilarious” or “we’re all gonna laugh at you”.

Satire is argueably not humor. It operates by exaggerating the dead seriousness (or the supposed dead seriousness) of a situation. It’s meant less to make people laugh and more to shock people into realizing something about a situation. It’s the absolute over-the-top nature of satire that can expose seeming truths as out-and-out fabrications… or disgust one into realizing the absolute wrongness of what they’re watching.

Satire often attracts the same kind of response as humor simply because those watching it don’t know of any other way to react. Ignorance is bliss, after all.

This is for real ??
Really , really sad …
J’encule Dieu

No its not for real, the end says (roughly) “all these were taken from christian/religious forums” these guys are just acting it out…well

I hate people… I can’t wait for 2012.

Want a front seat ticket ? B)

Yeh, bring on the olymp!-…oh :blink:

Great video. Really shows how ridiculous the creationist arguments (well, they’re not even arguments) are. I actually took biology in high school with one of those “intelligent design” wingnuts (not by choice)–in the most secular state of the union (Washington state).

Favorite bit:“Several million years for a monkey to turn into a man? Oh wait that’s right, monkeys dont live several million years!”

That’s reminds me of the argument Kent Hovind made: “I believe that if you let a lizard grow for 900 years, why you’d have a Tyrannosaurus on your hands.”

I swear, not all of us Americans are like this. Only half of us are. Oh, nevermind.

Every year that goes by I feel more socially stigmatized because I believe in god.

I’m a non practicing catholic, and am not a particularly active or religious person. I’ve never been in a religious chatroom or anything like that. I’ve put little if any thought into creationism or anything along those lines. My beliefs are a lot more basic, try to have integrity, be honest, try to be a good person.

I just felt compelled to lend my experience to the thread which is the flip side of the coin. I don’t think the transcript that text was taken from is a shining example of religion at it’s best. It just seems the media, and many younger people are very quick to go on the attack.

I’m not really saying anything about the context of that video, other than it seems like I’m supposed to feel guilty of something bad because I have a belief in god, and an increasing and cumulative social pressure to reject that belief. That is not right, and that kind of prejudice is not a good thing.

p.s, this is not a religious debate, just my own experience of how I feel subtly attacked on a regular basis for having a belief in god. There are semi-normal people who have these beliefs, but it is becoming almost intimidating nowadays to be able to voice it.

nice to see some people think this is for real :P
it’s posts from forums spoken out loud

What Sartre wrote comes to mind, “We are at the mercy of other people. They have the power to make us into what we are”. Robert C. Solomon gave an excellent lecture on Sartre and his play “No Exit”, which may provide an excellent read or viewing if you desire.

Sartre and Consciousness