If Loops & Zbxx - Pattern Break

Hi there!

Recently I stumbled across the ZBxx Pattern Break Global Command (overlooked for about 4 years now : D)
which is defined as “The current pattern finishes immediately and jumps to next pattern at line xx (hex).”

What if we can combine that with an quasi if loop, for example:

A pattern is looped for x times, and IF it has reached a specific numbers of repetitions it does this or that (for example: start the next pattern).

Is there any way to implement this (or something like this)?

I have no skills or experience in programming what so ever, so maybe this is just an utopic illusion I have to forget pretty quickly,
but I somehow like the idea, especially in a live perfomance (or as another way to arrange and produce tracks).


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iirc, thats how it initially worked back in 1.0 or was it ft2; cant remember. but it was broken, somehow.


Would be nice. Has been mentioned earlier also…



…and maybe some more threads also.