Pattern Looping Impulse Tracker Style? (sbx)

hi, here I come again with my IT based questions.

If you have ever used IT you might maybe know there was that option where you could set a pattern loop start and then tell it to loop X times starting at that point and ending at the point where you said “loop!”

The IT command was SBx.

So you could set things like:

C-5 01 … SB0

… …SB3

And when it reached SB3 it would come back to SB0 three times, effectively playing C-5 01 three times more (besides the first one)

I wonder if this is possible with Renoise… can’t seem to find nothing related to this thing of altering the normal pattern flow, other than the pattern break effect (FBxx). But that’s not exactly what I want :D


Renoise has unfortunately not adopted that technique. The pattern loop retrig option in Impulse tracker is actually quite unique…

I’d probably use a feature like that if i didn’t sync up to reaper - but patterns not being the length stated would be quite head frying.

That is actually a pretty awesome feature that I would use a lot.

oops, a pity then :-/

I thought I wouldn’t need to use “size optimized” tricks in Renoise but actually the pattern looping stuff is very cool for creating that massive retrig effect where all the notes in a row are replayed several times :D

Makes the listener go :panic: :panic: !!

Anyway… will think of something else to replace it :)

It’s what Monograph already points out:such things are misunderstood by other hosts if you would link these up with Renoise through ReWire…
Even the pattern break goes wrong in these situations.

yep, I understand that perfectly :)

No worries!

Sorry for hi-jacking this thread but…

I’ve just discovered Harmony Assistant by Myriad. As it’s a score-based sequencer where you have all the repeats, sections and jumps that come with traditional score writing. And it’s really, really great! It’s really liberating to be able to put in a repeat for the vers but have the last 2 bars different - without having to copy the whole vers. The traditional score might obsolete in the age of computer DAWs but I realize it’s 500 years of knowledge and requirements aggregated into it.

I also realize that trackers have more in common with score editors than piano roll sequencers - which was a real surprise for me. In the case of Harmony Assistant there is no VST support (yet) but there is a basic build in sampler…which reminds me of any legacy tracker :yeah: but putting your VSTi in Renoise Harmony Assistant can sync/control the synths in Renoise no problemo…

Using ReVisIT (Impulse Tracker as VST inside Renoise) is also a solution to this problem if one would really desire…
Instead of repeating a block 3 times, just play a sequence in ReVisit 3 times :P

+1 on SBx for Renoise


There’s some talk about something that’s closer to SBx than how native Renoise works. This is still a total +1