If You Had To Pick Two Decades Of Music...

I listen to just about everything from the past 100 years, and older, however, if I could only listen to two decades of music, like one of those “if you were stranded on an island” kind of questions, I would choose 70’s and 80’s.

It was a very hard choice between that and 60’s and 70’s. The 60’s had The Beatles, The Doors, Dionne Warwick (when she was good), Jefferson Airplane, The Rolling Stones early stuff–but the 80’s had electronic music flourishing, the whole new wave genre, Thomas Dolby, B52’s, Culture Club, Cindy Lauper, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, etc…

Hmmm, interesting!

40’s for Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Bing Crosby, Fred Waring… (skipping 10 years)… 60’s for The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Bob Dylan, United States of America… but the 70’s had Tom Waits, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple… tough, tough…

Oh well, at least jazz is a sound I can relate to in any decennium, so I’d go for 40’s and 70’s, because a lot of the truly awesome stuff from the 60’s is still there + Tom Waits, which is reason enough for me :)

80s for obvious reasons.

I chose 90s too because that’s when I discovered tracking, tracked music, trackers and tracking musicians! So much of that era was a fundamental influence on my compositional technique. Mick Rippon, Hunz, Distance, Xerxes… loads of amazing one off songs…

Was gonna go with 60s & 70s at first cuz alot of the music I listen to comes from that period, mainly, say, 65 to 75, but I changed my mind to 60s & 90s just to spread it out a little. The 90s was when I started making and buying (in large quantities) music, so it’s one of the big influences on what I do as a musician.

60s & 70s, the rise of the electronic schools of music (Berlin and Düsseldorf). :)

90s because that’s when I first started properly getting into music instead of having it just be ‘there’. 00s because obviously that’s now and personally it’s where I’ve found the best and most interesting stuff. I guess I should have chosen ‘Something not on this list’ though, because what I’m looking forward to the most is what people will be creating in the next decade, which is only 6 weeks away.

70s woz thr golden years…hands down…
like the romantic era after the classical.
80’s for the birth of mainstream electro

60’s becuase that was an era of wild creativity in music, and hte 90’s for oldskool techno and early rave, again the same thing. No rules, just creativity gone wild.

Didn’t Paris and Cologne have electronic music schools in the 40s?

Hey Kizzume, I doubt you listen to ‘everything’. :) I also noticed in your house/trance thread that you said those are the only styles of music you haven’t learned to appreciate yet…

I hate to burst your bubble, but …


It would take many lifetimes to appreciate them all. Probably even one just to listen to a couple of tracks from them all!!!

amen brother.

and as you can see i have also solved this problem scientifically:

and that is only the genres made by humans. which is why i’m voting for the 150 million years ago, when the birds were believed to have evolved, and the 1960s when the byrds released ‘fifth dimension’.

Hahah - I never directly linked the amen to the scientific rise of music, but perhaps there is credence to your theory… =)

I am guilty (as are probably at least 85% of other people on this forum) of being at some point in time, some where, stuck in a song and went… “screw it, throw in an amen and it will sound better”.

Seriously though - back to hte topic, even amen-less, 60’s and 90’s were very creative times!

That depends on how you can see this graph… productivity raising perhaps yes, quality music… i have no idea…
I’m one of the persons that eventually denies listening to music if it has an amen break in it…
I’m not anti-amen, but i’m anti-overabuse-amen. That stuff got boring years ago, perhaps even a decade. Like the TR808 and TB909, but i’m surprised the amen still lives very vividly.


'50 for the jazz, '70 for progressive rock


I guess it’s more of a figure of speech to some degree.

I have went out of my way to listen to as many styles of music as I can, and have collected as much music as I can. As it stands I have about 600gb of mp3’s, very eclectic, music from all around the globe, but it certainly isn’t everything.

More accurately in my statement about music that I haven’t learned to appreciate, I should have said “Out of any music that I have heard, and I have listened to a VERY wide range of music, I have not yet been able to appreciate house/trance.”

But you’re right, it would take many lifetimes to appreciate them all.

I was referring to the genres, you know: Kraftwerk, Ashra, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Cluster. :)

Imo music is not bound to decades, it would be unbearable if I only had to listen for the rest of my life to music made within 2 times 10 years. My treasured collection of extreme metal alone has a timespan of +30 years. Oh, and how I would eventually miss Pink Floyd & Beefheart, Cave & Cohen, the whole new wave & faulty pop scene, etc., if I impulsively chose for the legacy of John Cage and the works of Ryoji Ikeda. Aaargh, no, please, don’t take the abyss of the electronic age away from me! :panic:

60s and 80s. But it’s just the way I’m feeling tonight. I could have chosen 70s and 90s or any combination of these four decades on another day.