Im Getting Bored

Recently, I’ve lost the creative urge to put effort into my tracks. When i first started on Renoise (i mean when i first learn’t all the pattern codes) i went mad with it. My older stuff is alot more intricate.
Nowadays i pilfer around with alright patterns.
Maybe its just not a lucky era in my musical life, but even when i try and create the sounds, it doesn’t sound good as quickly as I’d like it to, and i give up.
I still do music in other areas of my life, and I’m settled in that. But tracking is the most satisfying ability, when pulled off, IMO.
I seem to have fallen into a cesspit of easy way outs, and quick fixes.
What is this psychological effort block!
Have any of you had it?

Uninstall renoise from your computer. Try and use other software for a month, really try I mean: try and write the sort of stuff you’ve been doing in Renoise if you can. Then you’ll realise you can’t. Reinstall Renoise, feel better.

Maybe you should stop worrying about it and just take a break from tracking.

I’m quite new to music creation but I think that we all have our own way to compose. Sometimes i get bored of composing a track (I’m very slow at composition so this happens at every track I make). And I also worry each time I stop making music during a few days, being afraid to lost my interest for it. But finally I always go back to my tracks, ear them in a new way, and it’s always very useful because it allows me to realize that some sounds or some transitions were not good enough. And then my songs get better (very slowly, I have to admit ; but anyway it seems to be my own rythm…).

So my point is : breaks (short or longer) are a good way to think about something else and then when you come back to your songs with a whole new look, it allows you to enhance it and to find a plenty of new ideas.

exactly. i force myself into being unproductive (e.g. video games and marijuana) until i get bored with that.

my life is a cycle of these things, music, computer games, drawing…and underlying, is weed…
I’ve never written a song I’m happy with that i haven’t been stoned whilst writing. :badteeth:

for that very reason, you should do the exact opposite. don’t smoke, and drink plenty of coffee. i PROMISE you’ll make something you like.

Yeah man, just blend programs together. It’s more fun that way…

…there ya go then…

Recently, there was a TED talk about how to stay creative and how to cope with your genius.

Elizabeth Gilbert muses on the impossible things we expect from artists and geniuses – and shares the radical idea that, instead of the rare person “being” a genius, all of us “have” a genius. It’s a funny, personal and surprisingly moving talk.

Kind regards,

Thankyou Koppi, i will read this.
EDIT : Watch, rather

Try imposing limitations on your song writing.

Try composing using a very limited set of samples… try composing using only one note column… try composing a song without drums… try composing a song with only drums… try composing a song with your sound turned 100% off… try composing a song with only vocal samples… chose 3 notes and stick with them… don’t use the same note twice … don’t copy any patterns… use different samples for each pattern… and so on and so forth.

Imposing these kinds of limitations on your composition will undoubtedly lead to some interesting results, will help get you more in tune with music, and will hopefully inspire you again.

Also, when you hit a roadblock, click the “random” button:…ue/oblique.html

I’ll also chime in on the avoiding pot for a while and suggest that you try not smoking for a week, then composing based on what you’re feeling at the time ;)

Oh wait… disregard everything I just said. You’re screwed to begin with.

Or install Microsoft Songsmith!! :)


I agree with Mushen. Please don’t push a heap of crap writing out of yourself because you feel obligated, and then fill up public spaces like this one with half arsed songs. :P

Use the force. Sometimes it doesn’t flow in your direction, therefore be patient.

hang on a tickle…this may be a misunderstanding, but are you saying i’ve created this topic because i feel obligated? and are you calling my songs half arsed?
Then giving me humored advice?

something as simple as standing up while writing music can have a profound effect on your work.
critisism can be a bad effect on your music too, when you are still sculpting your sound, which is something many of us are always progressing.
so 9 times out of 10 i will not listen to criticism at all, most times won’t read it or if i do i get that “do the opposite, theory.” if it’s more profoundly negative i may stop making music for a couple weeks.
something along the lines of go make your music the way you like it, and stop telling people how theirs could be better. good intent might be there, but really it’s some asshole being bored on the internet.
which basically con notates into, get fucked mr opinion, yer a dick! :D

Dunno if this thread has got nasty or self righteous…real quick.

well thanks to mr smileysunnies it just got a whole lot cooler


I appreciate the way you always have a throw up smiley moss.

Moss, calm mate. I’m not attacking you here, and nor is choice. I’m addressing a general philosophy that some hold with composition. Not implying at all that your songs are sub par nor implying you labor under obligation. Surely you realise that some people do fit my description? If so then my comment is apt for the thread.

The best ideas are gifts, you just happen to be there to give voice to them. Similarly, great songs are gifts: they are supreme for the listener’s experience in both mastery of the principals of music but also in the timely challenge of amazing sonics and moral content.

Some people choose not to consider these things. So they pump out the same out shit without regard to an audience at all. That problem doesn’t discriminate per genre, it’s universal and can entrap anyone.

If you’re in a creative rut then there are bucket loads of ways out if: just search this very forum - the topic has come up 20 or more times in the last 5 years. Usually sensible suggestions relate to two aspects: self improvement; and considering your audience.

i hope that’s not all you gleaned from my post.

the idea of the post was to try different things, (like standing up while writing) and not worrying if you never meet some predetermined destination. music makes itself when you relinquish control. this is pretty tricky with renoise, since we have so much control! so balance is needed. though now that you know the effects commands, tricks and the ability to control, all you do is let it flow through your fingertips.
the part i wrote about critics was absurdist & offtopic, i should have clarified to only listen to professionals.