I'm probably an idiot but...

I’m an absolute beginner in LUA so I hope this isn’t just a waste of your valuable time!
I’ve been working on an English version of Satobox’s Renoid (I used to do a bit of actionscript coding so even I was able to change the layout to what I wanted!) but because I’m using phonics I have had to label the buttons with words which correspond to the sounds of the phonic samples. The problem is that this becomes hard to reference quickly eg: To find the B sound I have to scan through to find the button labelled 'B’eer. What I would like to do is have the phonic sounds in a larger font size and/or colour for quicker reference.
I don’t think this is possible using LUA and if not: is it possible to use a different framework within Renoise to take advantage of commands which would let me do this? I’ve been looking at the LOVE framework, which has font and other graphic commands which I would find useful.
Secondly (probably more stupid questions!): If a can use another framework is there something specific I should do to integrate it into Renoise and will I still be able to share the xrnx?

I shared some thoughts in the Renoid thread that may render this question moot.

Although I appreciate Chunters suggestion to use phonetic symbols in my interface I would still prefer to use reference words. So, I would still like to know the answer to my LUA coding questions.

I don’t think you can format button text but you can change the size of buttons and their colour. You can also use bitmaps as buttons or even insert a bitmap into a button instead of text. I’ve not looked at the code for Renoid but an easy way to track lots of buttons is to batch build the GUI rather than place each button, this would make it easier to change all the button styles in one go. Have a look at the example tool GUI that comes with the starte pack for examples of all of this.

I am not aware of a way you could integrate an existing framework like LOVE.

Good luck with it, it would be cool to have an English version of renoid…

Not really, there is no native way to change fonts and colours. You can make ImageMagick perform some trickery though, but this means you have to work with images. But it is definitely not impossible, but still a lot of work.

Thanks for the advice. It’s been really useful.
vV I had a look at imagemagick, it was a little too advanced for the basic stuff I wanted to do but I appreciated your feedback.
afta8 I took your advice and looked at the example tool gui and managed to work out what I had to do. It took me while to realise that the button.bitmap command could be split and contained within parenthesis which is when I found the button.text command in renoids main lua and swapped text for bitmap! I then cursed away an hour trying to work out why colours weren’t showing up, before re-reading the help files and realising that button are only greyscale!
Anyway I’ve ended up with this so far:

I think the interface is a lot easier to reference than it was, so job done…so far!
I’m still unable (as yet) to work out why the random box appears in the top right hand corner with consonants.png in it, but I’ll either live with it or work it out!
Thanks again for the advice, it’s been invaluable.