Using Imagemagick to create graphical output into scripts

I have been thinking about creating a tool that would be displaying a real-time graphical representation of DSP effects and their respective links to parameters of other effects or instruments.

I’m just throwing the bubble brainstorm here incorporating Image Magick simply because there exist a version on Mac, Linux (well it says Unix but i see redhat distribution packages, i think the sources compile fine on Linux if the binaries don’t work out) and Windows.

Anyone else struggling with the idea of needing some sort of dynamic graphical representations of current events in the Renoise scripting environment could perhaps toy with it as well. You can’t unfortunately perform mouse coordination controls on the images (other than just clicking it as a button) but you can create dynamic content that gives you some survey of what is linked to what or you can simply create dynamic images without needing to draw those images manually yourself.

Attached is an alpha tool that makes use of ImageMagick.
To make this work, the ImageMagick folder and executable code requires to be in the Scripts/Libraries folder of the Renoise preferences folder:

For windows, i unpacked the zipped version directly into C:\Users[user]\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V2.8.1\Scripts\Libraries\ and removed the versionnumber from the ImageMagick foldername.

The tool does a simple scan on the presence of any hydra, from the first one it encounters, it will display what device the first parameter of the hydra is linked to and what parameter of that device including the tracknames.

I can’t really test this on Linux and OSX, so i rely on others to do a quick test, perhaps the path directions have to be changed to make it work.

Have fun.

Vv, Thanks for the introduction! This is very cool despite its limitations. Additional installation requirements is a big drawback, though :(

Unless we can make it a default library.
I mean copy/paste the contents of the zip file to the specific named folder is enough.

I have been peeking into the MSL (Magick Scripting Language) that is language independent so it allows you to run XML scripts on every platform without arranging stuff like Cygwin or Perl or PHP. (And the Renoise document saving in Lua does the XML structuring for you, so you don’t need to work out the xml structure tables)
But MSL is minimally documented and you have to refer to the Perl Image Magick scripting reference to get an idea what you can use in MSL.

MSL is highly readable though.
I see what i can whip up now and then. Just expect this library to grow slowly.