[impl] program-switch / load preset buttons in "Instrument propert

the renoise devs already picked this up;

“in between the 2 browsers”

So I’m very happy with that… :slight_smile:

but this would be even more perfect:


Any design would need to fit into a minimum of 150px:

If we added preset switching, when compared to your mockup you would only be loosing out on the ability to control auto-suspend, output routing and other advanced settings.
A bit funny though, if you could enable preset switcher but not the plugin selector? Perhaps they should be combined into a single entry.

the macro’s/preset switcher vsti/preset switcher midi could auto switch depending on the instrument type.
This way they can be combined into a single entry called ‘misc shizzle’ or any other better name :)

A context menu with all the currently selected VST’s programs?

just bumpin’this to make sure the developers read this :w00t: