[impl] Spectrum not visible in Instrument Editor

I’ve always used the spectrum view while tuning my samples and editing instruments.
Tbh, it is the only time I ever use the spectrum view. I know I can window the instrument editor, but this is really clumbersome. Maybe I just haven’t figured out how to get it there in the new interface but from what I can figure out, it’s just not possible.
So if it is possible how do I do it and if it’s not; why?

I’d like this too. When I’m layering samples, I’m also looking at what frequencies I want to add to a sound. At the moment, you have to detach the instrument editor in order to see it. (alt + d)

But I’m thinking it might eat too much screen if they are both in there together. I dunno a solution.

No much opinion on this, just remembered there was another similar thread and wanted to add this to the thread: Another thread of this suggestion

Screen Mockup
For us laptop users without a lot of screen space something like this would be far more manageable than windowing the editor and having to always move it away from what interface it happens to be blocking.

And thanks KMaki, I missed that post. It’s exactly the same as my request.

What is so cumbersome about it? It’s one click and you can drag it anywhere or even back on top of the pattern editor…

On a small monitor such as your screenshot the minimum size of the instrument editor is still so big that it either overlaps the spectrum analyser or the dsp/automation editor. Since it has been possible to work with these 3 elements simultaneously as far back as I can remember I feel it isn’t so much to ask for.

looking at the last screeshot …waste of unused space …
Free space …next to instrument editor
Free space next to sampler/plugin/midi tabs

I’m also gutted about the new layout.

I’m really used to having:


This means you can tweak DSP while seeing your adjustments on the analyzer AND see which part of the sample is playing.

I would really, really miss this layout. Undocking IS cumbersome on a single low res monitor.

Hope we can find a solution. I was so impressed with how Renoise 2.8 handled its complexity on a small-ish laptop monitor.
With the ‘new’ style overview of the pattern editor, it really improved my workflow when all I had was a laptop.


EDIT: New layout means you can’t adjust sample fine tune while viewing the spectum!
If you’re tuning a bass note to a pad, for example, having Renoise’s excellent dual overlayed spectrums is (WAS) awesome.
Please give us this functionality back.


New GUI is very good for multimonitor setup because of the possibility to undock the sampler (sadly still not the mixer). But for single monitor users, especially on notebooks with their smaller screens, 3.0 is a pretty big step backwards :(/>/>

None of this two configurations that I have always used are possible in 3.0:

I have always used this one when composing. It was great, because I could add, edit and replace samples in the sample kit while composing, without the need to leave the pattern editor. So I could see the pattern playing, edit it and try different sounds (e.g. drums) live on one screen.

Spectrum/Sample Editor/DSP
A must for finetuning the sample with EQ or other effects.

Two things would enable previous functionality:

  • sampler should not hide bottom and top panels if they are visible (just like in 2.8)
  • left sampler panel (ex bottom instrument setings tab) should be indpendent of the sampler, so it could be shown on the left side of any view (pattern, mixer, sampler…)

I also find it weird to have disk browser on the bottom right and drag samples to the upper left corner into the sampler. I think the workflow was better before, when they were dragged them from the upper centre to the bottom. Again not a problem with a detached sampler on the right screen, but on the notebook… Maybe it would be better, to have the disk browser on the left side? Even if it means that instruments would move there too with it.

Unfortunately the instrument editor forgets its position every time you pop it in and out of the primary window, which means you have to re-do positioning and sizing it to how you want it… Every. Single. Time.

Well, I actually like to keep everything in one single window as much as possible…Besides, Renoise’s floating windows don’t work properly under most window managers anyway…

Just get rid of this extremely space-wasting vertical sampler sections design…Put those into tabs, and use the gained vertical space to allow showing the spectrum normally.

Yes, i have seen some nice tab screen mockup suggestions, i personally don’t mind to have either. The tab mockups felt more familiar of course because that is what we are used to.