Import Multiple Midi Files

Hi there ,
I’m new to this forum and a bought Renoise a couple of days ago . I thought it would be a nice contast to to the usual DAW’s out there . More like using Notator or Creator from the old days . Anyway I have some old tracks I originally made on an Atari 1040 STE about 20yrs ago . They are now in the form of midi files . Each song has separate midi files for each instrument . For example the one I want ot import has 10 midi files . My question is , is there a way to import each of these midi files into one song? Currently I can import one file like kick for example and that loads ok but as soon as I try to import the hihat midi file it wants to create a new project .I fear that import of multiple midi files into one project isn’t possible. Can some confirm this for me?

Many thanks

That’s a novel idea.
There may be a better way and since no one else has replied, the only way I can think of, to do this effectively, would be by using XRNS-PHP. inside XRNS-PHP is a merge script for merging XRNS files.
if you use the windows version there is a nicely built front-end for this.

Not very efficient but, if you load each track and save it to xrns then use xrns_merge, you can then use the matrix to move the tracks up in sequence.

Seems like there could be a better offering for this scenario. I hope there is, as the method above is very manual.

p.s. Welcome!

Hi Moonrider ,

Thanks for taking the time to reply .I will have to experiment with that method although it could be a bit awkward and time-consuming. In a standard DAW like Samplitude all you need to do is drag and drop individual MIDI files to separate tracks . Then assign the instruments or samples for each track and you’re good to go. So I’m presuming it’s not possible to do it this way in Renoise. Anyway it was just an idea as I wanted to recreate a similar workflow method for these tracks which were originally made in Emagic Notator .


Well, currently this is indeed not yet possible in Renoise.

Thanks for confirming.