Importing Midi+Xrns Into Patterns/Session

Following on from the post here Import Multiple Midi Files I wonder about the drag and drop import of multiple MIDI files (or XRNS files I suppose as I think that runs into the same problem).

I often create patterns on my Roland sampler/sequencer, in Plogue Bidule or actually within Renoise since buying it and would also like to use patterns shared by friends for collaborations and such. Importing a single file works perfectly but always asks to create a new session. Currently if I want to use shorter single files or mix up a longer track from previously created shorter tracks I have to play them back from another device and into Renoise’s MIDI input rather than importing.

The suggestion in the above-linked thread was to merge the MIDI files after converting them to XRNS and then splitting them within the session view. This is pretty time consuming, especially in comparison to how amazingly fast Renoise is with everything else.

Is there a better solution? Could a script be written for the new version to do something similar? Is it being considered for a future release?

Sorry for a rambling first post. I searched the forums and this seemed like the best place to put it. Oh, and hi, I’m Filip, pleased to meet you all.

Unfortunately there is currently no MIDI clip import in renoise but in the mean time it could help your situation to:

  • Have your xrns song loaded in one instance of renoise
  • Open a second instance of renoise.
  • Import midi clip into that instance.
  • Select the note data and copy with [Ctrl + C]
  • Paste into the instance of renoise with your song loaded [Ctrl + V].

I guess you may be able to do the selection with the matrix aswell though I haven`t tried this myself.

Hope this might help a bit!

I like this place already. I had certainly not thought of the copy and paste from two instances route but after a really quick test before work it works perfectly. A bit fiddly perhaps but much quicker than the other option. Thank you very much.

Glad it helped and welcome to the forum! :)

'Hey guys if you are interested please have a look to the idea placed in the scripting forum. Maybe someone can this for us ;)
Idea: Midi Drag tool