Important: Please Read Before Posting VST,AU,DSSI Issues

VSTs and AudioUnits (audio plugins in general) need some special attention, so please help us by giving us as much details as possible about them, and what exactly doesn’t work. Plugins are “small programs” on their own, just as Renoise is one, so they can have bugs like Renoise can have bugs. These bugs can only happen in very specific scenarios or only on some versions of the plugin only on some platforms. Often the only thing we can do is forwarding reports to the plugin developers, because we can’t see what happens inside a plugin.

What we need to know:

  • On which platform have you tested, are you using Renoise on? Windows, OSX, Linux? Which OS version (for example WinXP, WinVista, OSX 10.4.1, OSX 10.5.5, Ubuntu8 32bit and so on)

  • Which version of the plugin are you using? Are you using the most recent version? Most plugins show their version number in the about box. These can usually be activated by clicking on the vendor or product name in the plugins GUI.

  • The problem you’ve found, does this exist in other hosts as well? Exists this problem in recent Renoise versions as well? This is important, because often the plugs are simply buggy and the only thing we can do here is forwarding the issue to the authors of the plugin. You can also help us by doing this for us.

  • What exactly have you done to “create” the problem? Please be as detailed as possible, and even more important: Can this issue be replicated in a clean & easy environment such as an empty song? We and the authors of the plugin need to “replicate” a problem before it can be analyzed and fixed, so the more easy it is to replicate, the easier it is to solve the problem.

Plugin compatibility Options:

Not every plugin was (and will be) tested on Renoise, while every hosts behaves a bit different. Often this little bit is enough to completely break the plugin. Because the developers of the plugin may not care about making their plugin Renoise compatible, or because they are no longer developed, we have a set of compatibility options in Renoise, which should solve the most common problems.

These options can be adjusted in Renoise by clicking on the small “?” buttons in Renoise (you’ll find this next to the “Ext Editor” button in the Renoise Instrument & FX GUIs). Clicking on the button will bring up a dialog which allows you to set 3 options for each plugin.

You’ve found out that Plugin XYZ needs the compatibility option XYZ:

Then let us know about this please! We have an internal database that sets defaults for different kind of plugins. If we do set the defaults correctly to make them work, other users don’t have to care about this - they do get the correct settings without having to adjust them.