Important questions about renoise

so i really want to get into this renoise why of working but im having some stumbling blocks here

  1. if i use the up and down keys to highlight a note , how do i grab it and move it up or down ?
  2. how do i make the screen follow down with what is playing ? and also not follow
    3 how do i make the playback stop from certain points ?
    4 . is there some similar options to choose a time signature and toggle snap to grid off ?
    i play keyboard decent but i.m not well training it would be easier if i could get the metronome going to A 3/4 OR A 6/8
    And only in decimal please my brain get around the hex thing thanks so much guys , such a great way of working
  1. Click it and drag. The behavior definitely takes getting used to as it is unlike anything else.
  2. " You can detach the playback position from the current edit position, letting you edit a pattern while other patterns are playing. To do this turn off the “Pattern Follow” 3.2 transportpanel-patternfollow.png option in the Transport Panel. This way you never have to stop the song while editing a separate section."
  3. Stop is space.
    Renoise Learning Curve - #3 by TNT
  4. Not sure about that one!

The no 1 one click and drag with the mouse feels so awkward and clunky , main thing that annoys me about the tracker view , would be way easier using the up and down buttons click a button on the keyboard up down unclick leave the note there , i seem to remember a note grab tool that does this i have forgotten what its called , i think this shoupd be a standard feature as the mouse just annoys me and gets in the way for me . Id love it the way i mentioned .cheers

  1. Sorry i didnt mean stop , i meant play back from a certain point not the beginning , i have a shit way of typing and not getting myself across cheers pal

if you want to move notes using keyboard only, I’d suggest one of the nudge tools. Can’t find them at the moment, but I’ll look… Super useful

line grab

you might like his other tools too

I think this is important to understand.

This is how “I” understand it to work…any insights are appreciated! I couldn’t find this in the manual and it’s very confusing.

Current Line = “Playhead” but not always
Cursor = Highlited area/line where notes would be input if you were in Record mode.

The Cursor will always be where you single click inside a pattern while in Record mode. You will have to double click to move the cursor while not in Record mode. A single click will create a selection.

The Current Line ( aka “Playhead” ):

  • Pattern Track Follow on, Record Mode on: Current Line will not follow Cursor while song is stopped
  • Pattern Track Follow off, Record Mode on/off: Current Line will not follow Cursor
  • Pattern Track Follow on, Record Mode off: Current Line will follow Cursor when song is stopped

Key Assignments
Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 3.55.44 PM

0. Pause/Continue: Will Pause, and Continue playing from Current Line
1. Pause/Continue ( from cursor ): Pause, and Continue playing from Cursor
2. Play/Stop/Edit: Stop ( different than Pause? ), Play from beginning of Pattern containing Cursor. Edit?
3. Play from Cursor: Play from Cursor
4. Play from Edited Sequence: Play from the beginning of last edited Pattern
5. Play Pattern: Play and Loop the Pattern containing Cursor from beginning
6. Play Pattern from Current Line: 5. But starts from Cursor
7. Play Song: Plays Pattern containing Cursor from beginning without looping
8. Play Song from Current Line: Plays Pattern from Cursor position without looping
9. Record Pattern: 5. With Record on
A. Record Song: 7. With Record on

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So you want to play your song from a certain point, right?
Press the menu key to do so, it’s between right Alt and right Ctrl and looks like this:

If you press the key again the song will stop.