New Tool (3.3) line_grab


A basic tool to move lines into available empty lines. Similar to Super Nudge but it grabs the whole line including FX columns and jumps over other filled lines, it can also move horizontally but doesn’t work with block selection or through changing delay values.


Provides four key-bindings in Pattern Editor / Tools

  • Move line up
  • Move line right
  • Move line down
  • Move line left

see the source on gitlab

download from direct link (this zip includes all my other tools as well)


Absolutely perfect, THANK YOU!!!

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This kinda thing should be standard

I have no idea how to install it ?
Is it not on the tools page cheers

If you downloaded the zip you can just drag and drop an xrnx folder onto renoise I think.

Alternatively you can copy it manually to your tools folder (location depends on your OS).

Nice, but it should move the related note-off with the note, too! And then crate a new line note column, if required, or rearrange the notes in the track on-the-fly while moving around :sweat_smile:

Also track fx like pitchbend or aftertouch should not be moved along with the note.

Ill look again later but i just see lua files im new to renoise

you drag the folder containing the lua files onto renoise

done it thanks

should mention to people about the shortcuts needed , thanks so much a cool tool

I listed the keybindings that the tool provides in the description but maybe I’ll add a general guide about how to install and configure tools in the repo.

The goal was to move whole lines since in my practice I more often tie fx to notes than I use them separately, the most used example being triggering samples with sample offset fx.

For me this tool is pretty much feature-complete (it does nothing more than the name suggests) but feel free to fork my repo and take it in another direction!

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