Improve Missing Plugin Search To Use Plugin Id

Don’t know how much work this would be, but i would find it very handy if Renoise could search for a plugin with the same plugin ID first before telling me the plugin could not be found. I have switched to Renoise x64 and a lot of 64bit plugins use a different filename than the 32bit version. I guess the plugin still uses the same ID though and could be identified easy?

I don’t suspect this is the case (don’t remember if Taktik said anything about matching plugin ID’s, but i have seen they are stored in the database and most likely plugin ID’s are already part of the matching system) and i also don’t consider it wise to do so if i would be a plugin developer:
64-bit is a complete different architecture than 32-bit which also means that messaging exchange is different (a long word in 64 bit is 8 characters whereas in 32-bit this is only 4 characters).

I doubt that the internals are relevant for loading. The plugins are preset compatible from what i know and that is all what matters. Renoise x64 loads all the 64bit plugins i have, which have identical filenames in the 32bit version, just fine. So older projects where i have used 32bit versions with those don’t load any different at all in x64 with their 64bit versions and shouldn’t.

Simply renaming the plugins with a different filename back to their 32bit one and Renoise will load them too. Since this is quite a hassle to maintain when updating them later i’m going the hard route currently and do a manual search and replace for the plugin identifiers in the Song.xml files of my projects.

Also Reaper x64 was able to match the plugins with a different filename and loaded those instead, which i suppose is done by their ID instead of the filename. Appearently Renoise identifies plugins by their filename, which is actually handy too, since it allows to have plugins with the same ID in multiple versions installed by renaming them.

I’m not suggesting to change the whole way Renoise handles this, but only that little extra “scan for ID” step in case a plugin could not be found by filename. This would save some headache when moving projects from x86 to x64.

Tests include so far:

(same filename)

Camel Audio Alchemy, Crusher
Fabfilter One
IK Multimedia Vintage Tube Compressor/Limiter Model 670
NI Absynth 5, FM8, Guitar Rig 5, Kontakt 5, Kore Player, Reaktor 5
Nomad Factory - all plugins
Rob Papen Delay, Distort
ToneBoosters EZQ, Time Machine
Voxengo AnSpec, MarvelGEQ, MSED, OvertoneGEQ, Span, StereoTouch, TubeAmp

(different filename than 32bit version)

Cakewalk Dimension Pro
George Yohng’s W1 Limiter
jsAudio jsCompShaper
LiquidSonics Reverberate
Tone2 Filterbank 3