Impulse Tracker (and Others) Under Mac Os X

I just tried to run Impulse Tracker 2.14 under OSX with DOSBOX.
Works like a charm. IT finds a Gravis Ultrasound Card (ah, those were the days…) and is usable and makes sound and whatnot; just the sound latency is a bit long… but that might be changeable;

I already love Renoise under OSX, but now I even can access my old tunes without rebooting that old windows machine :)

here’s a screenshot:

rock on

that’s absolutely insane.

i have no idea how to react to that.

it’s great to see that pic… :)

i haven’t seen that beautiful Impulse Tracker screen for a while…

Actually it’s the first time ever I see IT. :o It looks like sound tracker. Quite ugly for the time beeing…

To be honest, IT looks like Screamtracker 3.

I have had the the pleasure to work in Polytracker as well which had the same sort of interface.

IT looks like ST3? INCREDIBLE! :panic:

that bastard Lim! he must’ve taken the ST3 code and reworked it or something…

:lol: of course it looks like ST3! that was the point!

it’s an old DOS based tracker, you know… :rolleyes:
so don’t compare it to modern programs… :)

yep, that was the point… and that’s why i loved it. I used scream tracker 3 for some time, and Impulse tracker was great “upgrade” with same easy to use interface…

Actually i never liked FT2 interface… :)

Great programm which made me always gallous because it had the features I needed but I was too stupid to use it.

Does anyone know when the first version of IT (which year) came out?
And when did it have polyphonic channels and resonant filters already?
I googled a lot for it but couldn’t find any info. So if anyone knows a link, I’d be happy. On J.Lim’s site there’s no info about the date, just version numbers.


hey! this means war! :)

:) I wasn’t actually referring to renoise user interface, you know :rolleyes:

No, you just hurt my FT2-heart. :panic:
Where’s your Nibbles in IT, huh, huh?? yeah, I had Nibbles, you didn’t! :)

Well, the pic said 1995-98 which I assumed was when it was developed. And I wouldn’t really say Sound Tracker is a modern program. :) It was referring to the first Amiga tracker which was made 7 (?) years before. Design could have evolved a bit more since that time… :)

I don’t know, i was quite satisfied with the interface back then. :)
And i wouldn’t say that FT2 witch was very popular at the same time was more “beautiful” than IT :)

IT ruled and the Chris Jarvis’ song “Blue Flame” is absolutely awesome!

I have a special computer with Dos 6.22 + Win 3.11 equipped with original SB 16 just to run those oldschool stuff. Including IT and Little Big Adventure of course :D

Look how tiny it is!!! Have you ever seen a screenshot of Pro Tracker? That is hardly bigger than this smiley -> :o

Couldn’t find a screenshot of Soundtracker, so here is Noisetracker instead… :) How THIS is beautilful :)

haha, even my gameboy has a bigger screen; man those resolution were top notch; running fast tracker 2 now usually gives me this weird feeling, too

the resonant filters patch was a xmas present for IT users, i think it came out either in 1997 or 1998, i’d guess 1998 as all my .it files which actually use filters are from 1999; but then again it might be that i just found them too late;
the filters appeared first on 21.12.1997 in IT2.14 Patch 3 :)

ok, just for the heck of it, I created another screenshot, this time running several old trackers :) funny stuff; i just thought about creating a track where every tracker plays one instrument, oh well…

Hey, thanks a lot for the info, el Zeratulo! That was really a big help!
And a neat picture you gave us there. Interesting enough for me as a PC-user to see Renoise running on a Mac. I think I’ll also install DOSBox here.
Btw, el Zeratulo, have a little look into the tigc-thread, thanks.

Well I just had another try making FT2 run in Dosbox and this try I succeeded! But, to bad I couldn’t use higher than 8000 khz, or else it wouldn’t run smooth :( Anyone who knows any solution to this problem?

My brain hurts! :blink:

After reading this thread, I was inspired to try running DOSBOX and FT2 on my iMac G5 1.8GHZ machine.

The results were slow and steady chugging, clipping, etc. :( I even did the overclock & framerate skip using the appropriate control-function keys.

Any tips?