Impulse Tracker Format (it)

is there any chance to see in the nearest future correct implementtion of impulse tracker effects and format in general? i have many modules in IT file-format and what to improve them importing to renoise.

one thing is sure: IT import will not improve if users do not report problems in the proper bugs report forum section. Renoise developer cannot use his precious developing time playing hunderds of .IT files searching for differences with Impulse Tracker replay.

Ok i get it, i’m gonna hunt down some special files i have here and i can forecast that the Fxx effect is glitchy in most cases.

Impulse Tracker has a BPM slide command which Renoise doesn’t have. Is that maybe the cause?

Ok, i have a track of mine, something that sounds like chiptune. But it sounds entirely different on the original Impulse Tracker then on Renoise.
To wich mail adres I may send it, to look after this 0Fxx bug.

This is the command that sounds different.

I recently purchase Renoise, and love it so far.

Question about Impulse Tracker formats.
I’m trying to load one of the demo songs (JEFF93.IT) that came with IT, that is supposed to show off the resonant filter routines.
Just playing the song in Renoise - I noticed two things right off the bat.

Resonant Filter envelops are not loaded as a filter envelop - even though renoise has a filter envelop per instrument.
in IT the instrument filter envelope is a pitch envelop with a flag set to “on filter”, instead of “on pitch”
but renoise just seems to ignore it.

Also - i noticed that when regular pitch envelopes are loaded, the actual pitch is much more exaggerated then it should be.
What is supposed to sound like a slight pitch to slight flat - is instead pitched way flat - obviously ruining the intended effect.

Also if the impulse tracker effects Z00->Z7F (cutoff) Z80->Z8F (res) would be implemented?


Hi Dexmix,

Welcome to the forums. This thread is a little dated and your question sort of belongs in an updated FAQ. For now, let me redirect you to this thread.

The short version:

Renoise plays XRNS files. It’s not a MOD/XM/IT player. Compatibility with other formats is known to be imperfect. The feature is only there to help you get started in case you need to rework songs into XRNS.

If you are looking accurate MOD/XM playability, you should try Milkytracker. IT, try Schism Tracker?


As Conner already pointed out, mod/s3m/it import only exists to get your old projects into Renoise, but they have to be adapted to the standards that Renoise offers.
e.g. Impulse tracker has a different pitch-level scale than Renoise offers in his envelopes, so pitch levels are adjusted to the limitations Renoise offers, so therefore, exact true-form playmechanism is not possible. Adjusting this would also affect songs originally written in Renoise thus would mean that for each different tracker-format a different playing engine should be maintained which is a hell to do and not worth the effort for deprecated formats.

I’m just talking about the scale of the pitch envelop. It plays fine if you adjust the envelop manually, to something more reasonable, so clearly it’s not a limitation of Renoise. It’s just that -1 in IT’s pitch envelope is closer to -30cents or less in Renoise vs the -100 it is mapped to on load.

Is there an issue with scaling the pitch envelope on file load/save, without re-writing the play engine?

I’d be more satisfied with an answer that the Renoise team just doesn’t want to waste their time supporting IT file format.

edit: which seems to be the case, and I’m ok with that.

IT is old now, use milky or modplug tracker if you want to work with IT-format.